How to buy Ripple (XRP): Top 5 options


XRP is a cryptocurrency by startup Ripple, which has cemented its place in the top 5 most capitalized digital assets. A large number of offers to sell the coin can be found online, but not all of them are profitable. At some platforms, additional commissions are hidden under the attractive rate, while others have unfeasible conditions for withdrawal of the cryptocurrency.

In addition, not all platforms offer functionality for buying XRP for rubles. To solve the problems of choice, the BeInCrypto editorial staff studied popular offers and selected the 5 best options for all occasions.

*Before you buy XRP in exchangers, you need to have a cryptocurrency wallet beforehand. You can find the right one in our review.

The most anonymous, safe and profitable

A popular option for those wishing to buy XRP is the Stormgain exchange. The platform is focused on anonymous operation. To buy cryptocurrency, all you need to do is register with an email address and confirming your phone number.

On Stormgain, you can buy XRP from a Visa or MasterCard bank card via Koinal and Simplex payment systems. The fees will be 4% and 5% of the purchase amount, respectively. The interface of the platform looks as follows:

The platform gives all new users a welcome bonus of 25 USDT on their deposit. Because of this, many consider StormGain the most profitable option. You can get the bonus by following this link.

The most popular

Exchange Binance often tops the rankings of the most popular platforms for trading digital assets. The project operates a fund SAFU, which daily transfer 10% of the commissions for transactions of traders on the site. The savings are needed to compensate for losses in the event that Binance is hacked.

In the spring of 2019, after the theft of 7 thousand BTC from the exchange’s hot wallet by unknown persons, all users who suffered from the incident were compensated for their losses from SAFU savings.
The interface of the deposit department on Binance looks as follows:

Exchange Binance

Binance is one of only two exchanges, according to CoinMarketCap resource, that have a trading pair of XRP with the ruble.

In order to buy XRP on the platform, you will need to register and be verified.

Traders’ Choice

Another digital asset exchange where you can buy XRP is EXMO. At the same time, trading volumes with it are higher than on Binance. EXMO does not provide the functionality to buy XRP directly for rubles, but there are two alternative ways to do so:

  1.  you can make a deposit to your ruble account and then buy the cryptocurrency you are interested in. You can add rubles to your balance from Visa or MasterCard (2,99% commission), through the payment system Advcash (0,99% commission), from the wallet Payeera (2,49% commission) or through the internal transfer tool EX-CODE (0% commission).
  2.  To buy bitcoins or Ethereum from a bank card with the subsequent conversion of coins into the desired cryptocurrency. Visa or MasterCard will be suitable for the transaction. The system does not charge any additional commission.
    After purchased cryptocurrency can be exchanged for XRP through the service “fast exchange” or in the intra-exchange auctions. The interface of EXMO is as follows:


In order to work at EXMO you need to be registered and verified.

The option that Ripple recommends

Ripple’s website has recommendations for buying the startup’s cryptocurrency. One of the platforms offered to buyers was the Kraken exchange. It turns out that the platform is the startup’s official answer to the question of where to buy XRP.

The site has been translated into Russian. In order to access its functionality you need to register and verify. Kraken has three account types that differ in terms of verification requirements:

Information about Kraken account features
Types of Kraken Accounts
Kraken customers can buy XRP in several traditional currencies, including dollars, euros, British pounds and Japanese yen. To do so, they need to fund a fiat account in advance. The interface for buying XRP on Kraken is as follows:


Comparing options

Express comparison of XRP buying options from the review:

  Buying for USD Purchase in USD without prior replenishment of the fiat account Anonymity
Kassa Partially


XRP is a popular cryptocurrency that can be bought in a variety of ways. There are options available in the cryptospace for all occasions, including offers to buy the coin anonymously. To other conclusions:

  • For a quick, anonymous purchase of XRP for rubles, the StormGain exchange would be a good fit. The platform scored higher than the other participants in the ranking.
  • Investors who want access to a wide range of cryptocurrency tools will appreciate Binance’s offerings.
  • The most popular offer for trading XRP can be found on EXMO.
  • For users who appreciate the recommendations of the cryptocurrency creator company, the Kraken exchange is suitable.

Before choosing a platform, you need to decide on your goals for buying the cryptocurrency. It depends on them, which platform will best meet the requirements. For those who want everything at once, StormGain is the right choice.