How to put your site on the steem blockchain


How does Steemit work? Steem Power

It functions remarkably simply. Internet users submit their content and get rewarded for it. All information is entered into the blockchain and remains unchanged, even if the user edits their articles and photo descriptions. Therefore, it is necessary to be responsible when sending the information. It stays in the blockchain registry forever. Steemit has no data centers where the information is stored. The data is entered directly into the blockchain.


After the publication of the material within 7 days, the author is rewarded.


Rewards are paid to the user in the form of cryptocurrency, as well as Steem Power.


Steemit blockchain is not geared towards people who want to come in and rip off a fortune. It is a long-term investment, and it should be noted that it is relevant to representatives of small, medium and even large businesses. For example, Shop di BuildTeam, an online store, has just recently begun operations. You can look at Here is a screenshot of this online store.


On the site you can spend Steem coin on women’s and men’s T-shirts, caps, bags. As I see it, actually all this “business” is just the beginning of a big way, because the social platform Steemit is only 3 years old.

Steemit token

Who mines Steemit tokens? Where do they come from?


On the official website of the media platform states that in fact Steem is a ball, which has some value. What determines its value is the quality of the content published on the blockchain. Well, the value of a token is not only in the quality of articles, videos, photos. There are also decentralized applications, the number of which increases every year. For example, today there are more than 70 of them. You can get up-to-date information on the page Here you can find all registered dapps created by dependent and independent developers.


Steem tokens are created by the platform itself. About 3/4 of the coins are used to pay the authors of the content. The rest is sent by the curator and also distributed to Witnesses (not to be confused with Jehovah’s Witnesses) and Steem Power holders.


It should be noted that, to date, the economics of Steemit has gone beyond the social project. For example, one of the add-ons is the platform with which this site was created.


Here I told about how to create a site on the blockchain in a few minutes, and it’s completely free. The main thing is to have a Steemit account for it.


Also independent developers are releasing interesting games. One of them is Steam MonSters, rapidly gaining popularity among Internet users. Of course, you need to have a Steemit account to participate. You can see how to play and win on YouTube.


In the process of creating publications, some internet users earn pennies. Others get hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars per post! Why do some earn a lot and others earn zeros? The information section of the Steemit website emphasizes that the platform is not a place for instant enrichment. Most of the successful authors have come a long way by making connections with other users. Therefore, for those who are just starting out, it is recommended to focus on building an impeccable reputation and establishing partnerships. And already in the second stage, you can move on to promoting your blog or website. But since my site on Steemit is very young (it is only a couple of weeks), I have not tried to promote it through other services. But in the near future I will definitely try and describe this procedure. I plan to promote it through a platform Smartstim. Banner of this service you see below. If you click on it you will be taken directly to SmartStym website.


I already have experience using the SmartSteem service because I rent my votes to it. In one of my articles I mentioned that I had intended to increase Steem Power. As of this writing, I have increased my voice power from 36 to 195 Steem Power. I would also like to point out that almost all account holders who gain hundreds of roads per post on Steemit use third-party services to promote their material and, in particular, SmartSteem.