Litecoin Plus – what is it


Litecoin Plus (LCP) is a digital currency created using cryptographic methods, which is why the term “cryptocurrency” includes the prefix “crypto”. Being encrypted, it is virtually impossible to hack or counterfeit Litecoin Plus. However, it is not difficult to verify the authenticity of a transaction made using Litecoin Plus.

Despite the fact that all transactions made with the coin can be checked for authenticity, the use of Litecoin Plus guarantees anonymity – because it is impossible to get personal information about the owner of the cryptocurrency, which is protected by special keys.

Like other cryptocurrencies, Litecoin Plus is a decentralized coin. This means that this coin is not connected to any government systems and authorities, but is created and circulates directly on the web. Due to this, transfers between countries can be made extremely quickly and completely free of charge, which attracts a huge number of users.

Litecoin Plus also has a limited volume, i.e. issued in a certain amount, and is not subject to inflation. Such currency is called a deflationary currency.

Of course, Litecoin Plus has its advantages and disadvantages, but its creators and users are doing their best to ensure that it is sustainable.

LCP price in real time

Litecoin Plus price today is ₽0.047554 RUB with no daily trading volume. We update our LCP price to RUB in real time. Litecoin Plus is down 3.95 in the last 24 hours. CoinMarketCap’s current rating is #2613 with a market capitalization of ₽130,886 RUB. The circulating supply is 2,752,341 LCP coins and the max supply is 4,000,000 LCP coins.

The best exchange for trading Litecoin Plus at the moment is. You can find other exchanges on our website.

Litecoin Plus (LCP) is a cryptocurrency with a genesis date of May 11, 2014. Litecoin Plus has a circulating supply of 2,752,341 LCP and a maximum supply of 4,000,000 Users can generate LCP by mining and/or stacking. LCP uses a Scrypt-based algorithm that uses a hybrid POW (Proof of Work) / POS (Proof of Stake) feature, block time is 60 seconds with an average transaction fee of $0.0001, making transactions virtually instantaneous and cheap. Stake rewards are distributed proportionally and repeatedly to users who hold LCP in their wallet, with rewards of up to 15% per year.

Litecoin Plus supports many different types of wallets, ranging from Windows / Linux / Mac / Android / Web Wallet / Discord Server Wallet. The goal of creating different types of wallets is to provide universal access to Litecoin Plus regardless of hardware conditions.

Litecoin Plus uses the unique PALADIN 51 feature, a self-optimizing offline program that detects suspicious anomalies in the blockchain. If a 51% hash rate attack occurs, the PALADIN tool acts and immobilizes the POW across the network, instantly preventing any double-spending or reverse transactions. Even when the POW feature is disabled with PALADIN 51, you can still freely send and receive transactions and place bets.

Litecoin Plus has its own exchange. The Litecoin Plus exchange was created to give LCP a home base where it can always be bought and sold against various other cryptocurrencies. Users who sign up for the Litecoin Plus Exchange and register their primary Litecoin Plus wallet address with the exchange will become participants in our incentive program. The program distributes 80% of Litecoin Plus exchange profits back to its users, depending on the amount of the user’s LCP wallet. The higher your LCP wallet balance, the greater the reward you will receive from the exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the market capitalization of litecoin plus

The market capitalization of litecoin plus is currently $7,412.75, the coin ranks 6058th.

Where to buy?

Litecoin Plus is currently traded on more than 2 crypto exchanges, you can see all markets here.

Litecoin Plus is a coin or token

Litecoin Plus is a crypto coin, it operates and functions on its own blockchain.

What was the lowest price of litecoin plus

The lowest price litecoin plus recorded in our database is $0.0007900 – (Sep 2022).

What was the highest price I’ve seen?

The highest price per litecoin plus was $4.26 – (Dec 2017).

Is it possible to mine litecoin plus

Yes, litecoin plus is a mining coin, you can see a list of mining coins here

How many coins are in circulation?

There are currently 3,128,110 LCPs in circulation.

How many coins are not in circulation?

Currently there are approximately 871,890 LCPs outstanding. The maximum issue of Litecoin Plus is 4,000,000.