Morty Token ($MRTY)


Morty Token ($MRTY) Preview

Powerful Mission

Our goal is to become a decentralized project where every decision is taken by the community poll.

Rug-Proof System

Locking the total token amount generated in the public ICO on the DxSale launchpad for 1 year.

Advanced Mortynomics

Combining the token reflections for holders on each transaction with the schwifty’ giveaway structure.

What is morty token?

$MRTY is a DeFi Community Token

Giveaway token on the Binance Smart Chain, it hopes to bring more fun in crypto and more money in your pocket. It plans on doing big giveaways for reaching market cap milestones and other random prize giveaways.

Our Mission

Bringing more fun & more money in your pocket through hyperinflationary tokenomics and giveaway structure.

Our Vision

Our goal is to become the leading giveaway token on the Binance Smart Chain

The Future

Growing the $MRTY community, giving away prizes in BNB on every single milestone.

The way that Morty Token Giveaway System works

We have giveaways that are specifically reserved for milestones. For instance we will be doing giveaways when we reach 1000, 1500, 2500 and 5000 members.
Other than that we have market cap based giveaways and of course giveaways pretty much all the time in our Telegram as well as on our Twitter. Stay tuned!

Follow us

Don’t miss out on our schwifty updates, join our community to get notified on giveaways, prizes and much more!

Giveaways without the risk of dumping

Because in our contract, we have coded it so that the marketing and the giveaway wallet will automatically be converted in BNB. This means that every giveaway will be in BNB thus it will not affect the price at all

Total Allocation – 1 Trillion

Hardcap – TBA

Softcap – TBA

Symbol – MRTY

Contract – TBA

How to earn $MRTY (Morty token)

In Morty games, you only have to wait till 24 hours have passed since you finished the previous round for the third round to become available and cost you nothing to play. Then after winning the third round, get the token.

Where to buy $MRTY (Morty token)

The most recent reported MORTY price as of right now is $0.000000000000000802. The last market value of Rick and Morty remained unknown. Unknown 24 hour MORTY loudness. Its market capitalization rank is unknown.

No exchanges currently trade Rick and Morty.

A year ago, the price of Rick and Morty reached an all-time high of $0.00000000000749.

Rick and Morty has been trading on 1 active markets with 0% transparent volume over the past day, with and its largest volume trading pairings.

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  • 21 AUG
  • 31 AUG
  • 2018
  • 2018

Allocation – 1

2% Team Wallet



  • 21 AUG
  • 31 AUG
  • 2018
  • 2018



  • 21 AUG
  • 31 AUG
  • 2018
  • 2018

Allocation – 2

10% token burn



  • 21 AUG
  • 31 AUG
  • 2018
  • 2018



  • 21 AUG
  • 31 AUG
  • 2018
  • 2018

Allocation – 3

88% circulating supply

  • buy tokens

Morty Token ($MRTY) Future Roadmap


  • Contract deployment
  • Dxsale presale
  • Pancakeswap launch
  • Marketing on Poocoin, Coinsniper & Twitter
  • Weekly AMA’s
  • Get listed on Coingecko & CMC


  • Create relationship with crypto influencers
  • Continue marketing efforts
  • Give away more shit


  • Get listed on smaller exchanges
  • Set the standard for giveaway & lottery tokens


  • Whoa, whoa broh chill… I don’t
    even know what I’m doing next week broh…
  • Probably just give you guys some
    more shit broh…


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy Morty Token?

You will be able to buy it through DXsale pre sale or Pancake Swap when it goes live.

How often will you be doing giveaways?

We will be giving away our milestone giveaways instantly when they are reached on our telegram. We will also be going random giveaways daily.

How do I buy on DxSale?

Simply go to the, connect your Trust wallet or Meta Mask. We will send the link of the presale on our Telegram. Once on the DXSale site you will see a section where you can contribute BNB. Simply add the amount you would like to buy and press “contribute”.

Will the Liquidity be locked?

Yes, the liquidity will be locked once the pre sale is finalized through Dxsale. It will be locked for 1 year.

When will $MRTY be launching?

Our launch is scheduled for Monday June 28th, 8PM UTC.