Pizza Pug Coin


What is Pizza pug coin

It was created with the goal of being the most scalable meme coin with lower transaction fees than Dogecoin and was motivated by a love of pugs.

The initiative also intends to expand the global cryptocurrency ecosystem by attracting pizza, dog, and pug fans with its highly developed meme coin.

With over 10K Twitter followers and 14K Discord users, the community is quite strong, and many of these people took advantage of the Airdrop. Pizza Pug Coin is becoming more popular and attracts users who might not otherwise be interested in cryptocurrencies. It is a fun coin to trade and offers all the benefits of Solana’s blockchain, including great scalability, high speed, and low costs.

Pizza Pug Coin airdrop

500,000 Airdrop instructions are here! 

Thanks for sending the SOL addresses. Trust everyone has funded their wallets with 0.1 SOL. 

How to create PPUG token address

To be eligible for the airdrop, you will need to create your PPUG token address and send it to ppug-address-airdrop channel. 

Here are the details to create/mint out PPUG token address: 

Token mint address : E7WqtfRHcY8YW8z65u9WmD7CfMmvtrm2qPVicSzDxLaT 

Token Name: PIZZAPUG 

Token Symbol: PPUG 

If you are using wallet, here are the instructions: 

  1. Click the + button on the top right corner of the wallet interface. 
  2. On the far right, select “manual input” and input the above token info. 

Each eligible participant will receive 500,000 $PPUG Only 1 address per participant – please send the token address within the next 48 hours to ppug-address-airdrop. To clarify – if your PPUG address is the same as SOL address, then just post that address in ppug-address-airdrop.

How to buy Pizzapugcoin

$PPUG is listed on Project Serum + Solape Swap!

Instruction how to buy Pizzapugcoin

Project Serum + Solape Swap: 

1) Head to or and click “Connect” on the top right – connect your or any other Solana wallet. 

2) Allow Project Serum/Solape Swap to view your accounts and addresses. 

3) Click “+” on the left side and add the following details: 

Market ID : AGkyBUo7pbsfJd1EEvczUbBizhiKdwBsYgpNTXJWvEoh 

Market label : PPUG/USDC 

Base label: PPUG

How to buy Pizzapugcoin on CoinMarketCap exchange

Go to CoinMarketCap and check where you can buy Pizza Pug Coin and for which currency

For each cryptocurrency, CoinMarketCap has a list of buying options (that is, a list of market pairs). Open CoinMarketCap and find Pizza Pug Coin there. Click on the “Market” button next to the price table. This screen shows a complete list of places where you can buy Pizza Pug Coin, as well as the currency in which you can pay for your purchase. The “Pairs” section indicates the abbreviation for Pizza Pug Coin – PPUG and for the second currency. The second currency is the currency with which you can pay for your Pizza Pug Coin purchase. If you want to buy PPUG with U.S. dollars, look for PPUG / USD pairing.

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Choose a platform to make a purchase

Different platforms have different levels of security, reliability and liquidity. Check their specifications before you create an account.

Make a purchase on the platform of your choice

Each platform is designed differently. Some platforms are very easy to use, others are not.

Generally, it is easier to buy cryptocurrency with fiat currency, such as the US dollar, than with other cryptocurrency.

If you do need to buy Pizza Pug Coin for another cryptocurrency, you must first create a cryptocurrency wallet that supports Pizza Pug Coin. Then you need to purchase the first currency and use it to buy Pizza Pug Coin on the platform of your choice.

Most platforms have instructions to help you understand the workflow. There is also an active community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who post instructions on Youtube, Twitter and other portals.

PPUG Price Today

The price of Pizza Pug Coin today is $0.000000975537 at a trading volume of ? in 24 hours. There are currently 0.00 PPUG coins in circulation with a maximum supply of 18.0 billion. The most active exchange on which Pizza Pug Coin is exchanged is Raydium.

What was the highest price for Pizza Pug Coin?

Pizza Pug Coin reached a record high of $0.000112648914 on Nov 01, 2021 (10 months).

What was the lowest price for Pizza Pug Coin?

Pizza Pug Coin was at a record low of $0.000000962294 on Aug 15, 2022 (3 days).

Where can I trade Pizza Pug Coin ?

You can trade Pizza Pug Coin on Raydium. Popular Pizza Pug Coin trading pairs on the market include PPUG/USD, PPUG/CAD, PPUG/EUR, PPUG/PHP, PPUG/INR and PPUG/IDR.