Top 30 cryptocurrencies to watch out for in 2022


The economic situation in the world often causes concern on the part of people who are worried about the safety of their assets. For this reason, there are very few truly reliable investment destinations. Not all people can adequately determine where to invest in order to get the highest return. Many people invest in real estate, currency and so on – these are some of the most common options. However, cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular among investors. Almost every modern person knows about them.

The reason for the popularity of cryptocurrencies is that conventional money is no longer a reliable investment. Their rate is influenced by a variety of factors, for example, various geopolitical changes. This is the reason why cryptocurrencies have gained popularity.

They are more stable and less susceptible to rate hikes due to such events. Their advantages include the following factors in the first place:

  • innovativeness;
  • independence;
  • growth prospects.

People who want to invest in cryptocurrency, however, should take into account the fact that they have a lot of hard work – they will have, for example, to monitor rates, quickly make choices. Only if you are willing to constantly evolve and learn will cryptocurrency investing pay off.

There are a huge number of cryptocurrencies on the market today, which makes many ordinary people have doubts about which option they should give preference to. Experts have singled out some of the most reliable and promising coins.


This decentralized platform is one of the best options in 2022. It stands out among competitors due to the fact that it is versatile and suitable, for example, for creating crowdfunding campaigns. With Waves, ordinary users are able to create their own tokens and release them to the market and then make money from them. Therefore, it is not surprising that the platform is so popular.

Waves has risen particularly sharply in 2021. During this period, its exchange rate rose by almost 200%, which is a very good indicator in the cryptocurrency industry. Waves can be used as a regular trading platform where users have access to all basic transactions. These include, for example, transferring funds, buying tokens, and so on. The capitalization of this platform is constantly growing, and currently stands at as much as $3 billion.

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This platform is also quite famous all over the world. Its distinctive feature is that it allows people to transfer funds that do not need to be stored. In order to take advantage of Uniswap, a person does not even have to register in the system.

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This cryptocurrency is the best option for those people who want to receive a passive income. With REDSmb it is quite realistic to achieve this. For this reason, if you do not want to constantly monitor changes in rates, it is worth investing in REDSmb.

The principle of this platform is quite simple. The essence is a gradual increase in the value of coins. This is quite a popular concept among users, because now the rate fluctuations will be influenced not only by economic and political events, which for the most part are unpredictable.

The distinctive feature of this coin is that it is very closely related to Bitcoin. For this reason, any changes in the rate can affect this coin. However, there are pluses in this plan: the growth of Bitcoin will mean that the owner of REDSmb will make a profit.

Experts warn that one should not expect explosive growth of this cryptocurrency. At most, a quiet rise is possible. However, they note that REDSmb has very good prospects and may well become one of the market leaders.

One of the advantages of this platform is that the entry threshold here is very low. In order to become an investor, a person only needs $1.

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This coin is the undisputed leader. This is due to the fact that for most people it represents all other cryptocurrencies. Experts in the field note that this is quite ironic, since Bitcoin is currently noticeably inferior to newer competitors in technological terms. It is less secure, functional and user-friendly even compared to those coins that are not in the top rankings. The reason is simply because Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to succeed. Therefore, we only have to put up with this fact: anyway, its capitalization will only continue to grow.

The main disadvantages of Bitcoin are that it is highly susceptible to market sentiment. Since this coin is the embodiment of cryptocurrencies for the masses, any changes in the world affect it immediately. Nevertheless, experts find positive sides of it:

  • For Bitcoin exchange rate to rise, the slightest reason is enough. Experts who are well versed in this area can learn how to analyze the market situation and sell or buy the coin in time, making a good profit.
  • Throughout its existence, Bitcoin has had an exceptionally positive dynamic. This ensures that the acquisition of this cryptocurrency in any case, even in case of an unexpected drop in the rate, there will not be a situation that will lead to the loss of all funds – it can still level off and even set a new record.
  • Liquidity is the main advantage of Bitcoin. It is almost impossible to imagine a situation in which no one will need it. You can find a person who wants to buy coins from you in any case.

As long as Bitcoin holds leading positions, experts advise to give preference to this particular cryptocurrency. It is one of the smartest and safest investments in today’s investment market. It is important to take into account that mining Bitcoin on your own is not the best decision.

Mining a cryptocurrency requires expensive equipment, and it does not always pay for itself. If you want to mine this coin, it is worth renting someone else’s power. For this reason, many experts recommend preferring more conservative methods of earning. So, for example, you can simply speculate on the exchange, as in the case with any other asset – sell at a higher price and buy at a lower one.

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Among the huge number of alternative cryptocurrencies, this option is one of the most well-known and promising. Some experts even express confidence that before the end of 2022 the rate of Ethereum rises by 350%. Previously, the value of the coin was going up to $4,000. Users’ expectations are related to the fact that a new version of Ethereum is planned to appear in the near future.

The coin’s popularity is easy to explain. According to some studies, Ethereum has attracted the most developers among all cryptocurrency projects. Therefore, people expect a lot from this coin.

Of course, Ethereum will surely have many competitors, but if it, like Bitcoin, becomes the first in the new digital sphere, not everyone will be able to shake its pedestal.

Experts do not advise selling all of the Ethereum you have at once, even in case of a strong need for money. There is every reason to believe that there is much more to gain in the long run.

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It is another popular cryptocurrency, but it will not be easy to get unambiguous advice from experts about its use. They have very different opinions, because Litecoin, although it has a high transaction speed and ease of use, does not stand out among the many other competitors. Even true Litecoin fans were convinced of that last year. Then the rate of the coin set a new record, and then quickly fell down again.

Nevertheless, it should be taken into account that recognition is an important factor for any cryptocurrency, and Litecoin has it. More and more services began to use this coin, so the number of its users will only grow in the near future. This will lead to a new record.

If it goes that way, people who bought Litecoin at the minimum price will have a very good income. At the same time, some experts point out that a short-term drop in the value of the coin is quite possible. This will last until the end of 2022. Then, according to experts, Litecoin may rise in price again.

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NEAR Protocol

NEAR Protocol is a platform that is highly decentralized. It is especially convenient to layout various applications on it. It is based on the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism (Nightshade).

Nightshade is designed to be scalable, also provides an unchanging commission. Each year, 5 percent of the total amount is released additionally to support the structure. It is distributed in proportions:

  • Validators receive 90%
  • Treasury Protocol 10%
  • Transaction fee of 30% (paid as a deduction on contracts, on transactions).

The remaining 70% are annihilated.

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Wrapped Bitcoin

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is one of the Ethereum variations of Bitcoin. The ERC-20 standard correlates:

  • with all sorts of wallets;
  • smart agreements;
  • any applications within Ethereum.

The tokenized variety of “bitcoin” is not difficult to install:

  • A variety of exchanges with high decentralization.
  • Structures for lending “crypto.
  • Markets by prediction.
  • DeFi Applications.

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Feathercoin (FTC) is an open-source digital currency. This crypto was created as an alternative to Litecoin and is almost identical to that cryptocurrency.

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Crypto money EOS was considered by analysts as a serious opponent to base currencies (bitcoin and etherium). Emotions subsided, it became clear that EOS has its niche, but it is not possible to compete with the pillars of the crypto world.

To users and experts, it is obvious that the popularity of EOS is growing slowly but surely, the market for decentralized applications has a positive trend.

EOSIO not only has smart contracts, but also allows the operating system to function without failure, which has advantages:

Even the modern versions offer an interesting feature for planners. While there is high volatility in EOS, there are sharp spikes in value and pullbacks. Such a phenomenon is inevitable in the formative period. It is obvious that EOS is a cryptocurrency with great possibilities, it is clearly undervalued in the market yet, but it won’t be for long.

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Horizen – cryptodenges that are 100% customizable. It is of interest to those involved in development. Horizen has a huge amount of customizable functionality.

The interests of developers often provoke the curiosity of ordinary users. The demand for the currency is growing, a year ago the quotes reached a historical peak. Many experts were surprised by this fact, no one expected such “haste” from Horizen. Nevertheless, the fact remains, the cryptocurrency showed its best side.

In the end, the excitement passed, the quotes returned to the weighted average odds. Many assume that there will be a surge again this year. For those users who work on short trades, this cryptocurrency is of interest. It is highly recommended to add Horizen asset, as the high potential dictates the most optimistic forecasts.

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What initially looked like a joke has managed to become a popular means of payment on the Internet. The cheerful cryptocurrency with a logo in the shape of a cute dog, DOGE, suffered a huge leap in 2021. It was influenced by the activity of Reddit users. Dogecoin gained currency status for donations and rewards in 2022. It is also considered to be Ilon Musk’s favorite payment vehicle of all cryptocurrencies.

It is unlikely that DOGE will ever displace Bitcoin. However, the currency is gradually gaining momentum. The growth is provided by social capital. There are no huge expectations for Dogecoin in 2022. Although in the long term, analysts make positive predictions. If you are not afraid of the currency’s gradual growth, DOGE is a good option.

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The single thought here is: you bought that doggie – why not give up this one. SHIB is more complex than DOGE. The currency can be called a full-fledged system, which is based on Ethereum. The service allows transactions with tokens. The currency also has a connection to NFT. This means that the probability of an increase in value in the future increases.

SHIBA INU began to show surprising progress at the end of last year. Cryptocurrency is unlikely to displace Dogecoin from the market. These systems have drastically different functions. Now users can profitably buy SHIBA INU, because the coins of the currency are still inexpensive. But it should not be forgotten that the small cost can also speak about less opportunities for income.

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At first, the currency was attractive to users because of the revolutionary nature of payments. But in 2022, the attractive quality was stability. Dash has become quite comfortable to use for commercial entities, large-scale suppliers, and financial companies. Despite the fact that the currency has not yet made a huge coup in the global trading system, a large number of companies with financing have been created on its basis.

Forecasts for 2022 for the Dash indicate: we should expect a systematic growth with periodic dips. Huge jumps or negative trends are unlikely. The biggest profit will come from the purchase of coins for long-term storage.

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Stellar currency with tokens and open code is designed to facilitate money transfers, regardless of the amount. In terms of productivity, Stellar is close to Ripple. In addition, they use a common protocol. However, Stellar is focused on individuals and Ripple on large-scale companies. The goal of the organization is to provide banking services to those who do not have the opportunity to use banking services in normal life.

The value of the currency will increase due to the popularization of tokens. Today, the company offers services indispensable in terms of cost, availability, speed for individuals. This reason alone encourages the purchase of goods for long term storage. Keeping currency on the wallets should all active users of the system. Therefore, demand will only increase. Huge rapid jumps are unlikely, because Stellar prioritizes accessibility. But it will probably be possible to make a profit in a year.

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Huobi Token

Huobi Global’s currency is meeting the expectations of system participants. Experts say that in 2022 it will steadily continue to grow. The platform is safe and progressive, which means that buying a token will be a great investment.

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The currency is aimed at the future, where content producers will be able to communicate directly with the audience without intermediaries. Authors will transfer amounts without losses, which can scale the project.

TRON is still rising in value in 2022, even as the cultural revolution has slowed. Blockchain is now valued as an easy-to-use and productive platform for creating decentralized programs.

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Zcash is a payment tool that allows users to transfer money while maintaining anonymity. The user can choose whether to make a transaction in the standard way, as in the case of Bitcoin, or to use additional algorithms to ensure absolute privacy.

Since 2021 there has been a rise in the currency. Experts say that this will continue until the next large-scale jump. After that a new average bar will be set. Therefore, it is best to buy ZEC in 2022. But you should make sure that the deal is made during the down period. The differences between the highest and lowest values at the beginning of the year are large.

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Dai is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies nowadays. This is not surprising, because it has many advantages. They include, for example, stability and absence of any discrimination. Dai is the best option for both individuals and businesses. This cryptocurrency is based on special smart contracts. It is worth noting that Dai is managed by a decentralized group of users, which distinguishes the coin from its competitors.

It is also worth noting that the commissions when using Dai are quite low, so you can avoid large costs in the process of trading. Due to the fact that the coin is based on blockchain technology, it is the best option for international settlements.

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Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a fairly popular cryptocurrency, which is known almost all over the world. This is not surprising, because this coin is considered to be the ideological successor of Bitcoin. Among the key advantages of Bitcoin Cash should be first of all very low commissions, so that users will not lose their own money when paying to other people.

Another advantage is the security of transactions. Thanks to this, you can have no fear for your own assets. Currently, Bitcoin Cash is popular almost all over the world, so if you do not hesitate, it is worth investing in it.

The main merits of the coin include:

  • High speed. Transferring funds takes only a few seconds.
  • The blockchain network functions without any congestion.
  • Commissions are low, no matter where you send the transfer.
  • Almost anyone can learn how to work with Bitcoin Cash, no matter what level of technological awareness they have.
  • Bitcoin Cash has been known for many years and has been successfully tested by millions of users.
  • Bitcoin Cash has almost no competitors among cryptocurrencies in this parameter.

Thus, Bitcoin Cash is the best option for investing in cryptocurrencies.

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Lido stETH

This token is well known in the cryptocurrency community. It has many advantages, which include, for example, generous rewards. Currently, the token is popular around the world, as it has a fairly good stability and good growth prospects.

Many investors invest in Lido Staked Ether to make money. It is also worth noting that balance sheet updates occur almost every day.

Lido Staked Ether is often used to get tokens for Etherium. This is a very profitable investment.

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FTX Token

This token was developed based on the Etherium platform. Like many other modern cryptocurrency projects, FTX Token has a token burning feature.

One of the main advantages of FTX Token is that it is fully decentralized. That means that no one, not even government agencies, can access it. That makes FTX Token very popular: you won’t lose your money anyway. It should also be noted that it is free to send transactions in the blockchain.

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Cardano is a rather popular blockchain platform, which is the best option for those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies. Even now experts call it one of the most promising options on the market, which can get explosive growth in the near future.

The distinctive feature of this cryptocurrency project is its affordability: you can buy one coin for less than a dollar. In this case, it should be taken into account that relatively recently Cardano was worth only a few cents. For this reason it is called one of the most promising options. No wonder that Cardano attracts so much interest from many, even very experienced representatives of the cryptocurrency community.

The key advantage of this platform is its innovative structure. In particular, there are special smart contracts, which compare favorably with those used in other cryptocurrencies. Currently, the key competitor of the coin is Etherium.

It is ahead of Cardano in terms of capitalization, but on many other parameters it is on an equal footing with it. At the same time, it should be taken into account that the coin is developing on its own path, so over time, Cardano may well become a replacement for Etherium. There are many examples of how inconspicuous newcomers have unexpectedly overtaken the industry leaders.

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This cryptocurrency is another major competitor to Etherium. Its key feature is that it has a segmented structure, which consists of many short chains. Among the main advantages of Polkadot is the fact that the system is able to perform many transactions simultaneously. Due to this, the network is much more productive and faster compared to other cryptocurrency projects.

If any major changes are made to the system, making a fork to implement them will not be necessary. An important feature of Polkadot is that it provides many interface elements, which make working with the system much more convenient for users.

Investments in Polkadot are also relevant in 2022. Experts distinguish 2 main ways to make profit – to buy cryptocurrency during exchange rate jumps and then fix the income, or to buy a coin and keep it as a reserve. Experts recommend trying 2 options at once. This will increase the chance that you will be able to make a good profit.

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It is currently attracting attention from many cryptoinvestors. Among the advantages of the coin is the fact that it is a Stablecoin, so investing in it is relatively safe. At the same time, it is quite possible to earn money on the coin if you want to. The fact is that it has its own token, which is called LUNA. It has high speculative characteristics, so it is possible to make excellent profit on rate jumps.

The year 2022 was extremely positive for LUNA. For example, its rate reached an all-time high. It is also worth noting that it has gained popularity among many people. The influx of new users ensures the development of the coin. It is also interesting that big investors can make decisions on the further development of the protocol, which increases interest in LUNA. After all, they get the opportunity to literally manage their own assets.

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This cryptocurrency is hugely popular almost all over the world, so it is not surprising that it is one of the top investment destinations. In 2022, the coin showed a historical maximum, which could not but attract the attention of major investors.

The key features of this token are the speed of transactions and low commissions.

There are more and more Avalanche holders, so the cryptocurrency continues its active development.

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The distinctive feature of this coin is anonymity. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, it provides a high level of anonymity, which cannot but attract the attention of investors.

Digital security is one of the most powerful trends in the IT sphere, so don’t expect interest in Monero to wane. The coin has quite promising development prospects. If you want to make money, you should pay attention to it.

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Binance Coin

This cryptocurrency is not accidentally very popular among investors. The fact is that it is its own token from the famous Binance exchange. For quite a long time, this coin could not compete with the leaders. However, everything has changed in 2021.

That’s when the breakthrough occurred, which led to a sharp jump in the rate. As a result, the value of Binance Coin reached $700, which is a very good indicator. After that, the rate of the coin was constantly changing, but always remained at good enough values – in the range from $400 to $600.

Currently, the coin is more predictable. Experts note that there is nothing surprising in the past jumps. The fact is that the growth of the rate is simply due to the high confidence in the Binance exchange itself. That is why investors invested in the new cryptocurrency without any fear. It is also worth noting that experts have noted a positive trend in the growth of Binance Coin.

For this reason, it is obvious that this coin’s potential has simply not yet been fully unlocked. For this reason, an investment in it can turn out to be one of the most successful decisions in your life. The fact that the coin’s popularity will only grow is evidenced by the fact that the exchange pays rewards to its partners exactly in this coin. Thanks to this, a constant inflow of new users is guaranteed.

At present, Binance Coin already has a huge number of applications. For example, the exchange provides the opportunity to pay transaction fees with this coin. Given that thousands of users are paid in this currency, it will only get stronger over time.

Experts note that in the near future the rate of the coin can reach $2,000. Therefore, it is not necessary to hesitate with investments.

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PinkCoin cryptocurrency is secured by a fixed asset of colored diamonds. Holders of this crypto have the ability to exchange it for other assets on BitGem. Judging by Reddit posts, this crypto will be the future.

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This is a fairly young currency, which was introduced to the market only in 2020. Despite this, it has already attracted the attention of many investors. This is not surprising, because it has a wide range of features, and it has shown explosive growth: its rate increased almost 200 times in a short time.