What coins can be mined by ordinary users with almost no investment?


What coins do ordinary users mine other than bitcoin? How to do it if there is no money for large investments?

What coins can be mined by ordinary users without a serious investment, if mining popular coins requires powerful and expensive equipment? There are at least three options. Let’s talk about them further in the article.

What kind of coins can ordinary users mine?

Newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies often do not know that it is not only Bitcoin that brings substantial profits to miners. It is not worth dwelling only on BTC. Especially considering that the reward per block in 2020 has decreased to 6.25 coins, and it has become even more difficult to mine, even for professionals.

In terms of cost, stability and daily turnover are also trustworthy:

  1. Ethereum – after bitcoin is in the top two with a capitalization of over $300 billion. Ether mining has long gone beyond mining, which has given not only choice but also a good earning rate.
  2. Solana is a direct competitor to Ethereum, which has shown steady growth in value throughout 2021. In addition, at the end of 2021, transactions of this coin are faster and commissions are smaller.
  3. Polkadot – over the past 12 months, the capitalization of the coin has grown by almost 200% and continues to gain momentum.

What coins should ordinary users mine in 2022? First of all, we should look at the capitalization trend of the previous few months, as well as the decrease in volatility followed by an increase in the rate.

There are many alternatives with good price gains, such as Polygon or Cardano, which work on Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm. It is worth noting that unlike Proof of Work (PoW), created specifically for BTC, PoS is many orders of magnitude less energy intensive and does not need expensive mining equipment. To mine coins in the PoS system, you have to block your own coins to guarantee transactions. Miners are remunerated according to the number of coins blocked.

Mine cryptocurrency without mining

How to mine cryptocurrency without mining?

Consider three alternatives to mining:

  1. Bitcoin cranes – customers are paid a reward for watching videos, writing comments and similar one-time tasks. The income is low, the work is monotonous. A significant disadvantage: there are no guarantees that the crane will not close before the user has time to withdraw the earned money.
  2. ICO bonuses that are handed out to attract investors when new crypto projects appear on the market. Pros: The value of new coins can increase significantly after just a few months. Cons: There is a risk that the currency will never make it to the exchange, which means it won’t be worth anything at all.
  3. Cryptogames are one of the most lucrative alternative options for mining coins. The user earns coins by completing tasks in the game and/or by selling created/proved items. Minuses – investment in the game at the start.