Where does monero store blockchain


Where is the Monero blockchain on Windows?

On Windows, the blockchain is kept in C:\ProgramData\bitmonero\lmdb. It’s a hidden folder, but if you put the aforementioned path into your Windows explorer, it will lead you to it. The data file is contained within the folder (data. mdb).

C:\ProgramData is where Monero stores the blockchain and other essential files. This folder is generally hidden, so to see it, go to View > Hidden Items in Windows or run the command prompt in Windows with %programdata%. The blockchain data can be found in a file named Monero in this directory.

Where is the Monero blockchain on Mac?

You can find it by opening the /. bitmonero folder, which is hidden by default. The . bitmonero folder is there and visible. To access it, open a Finder window, hold down CMD+SHIFT+G (keyboard shortcut for “Go to folder”), and type in the path where you want to go.

Where are the data files kept?

Wait! Isn’t this a subject that has already been addressed? Yes, we’ve published a guide on transferring Bitcoin wallet blockchain to a new directory, but not for Monero. Apart from the standard C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming location; Monero, Electroneum, and other CryptoNote projects keep their wallet files in a different place. Keep in mind that your wallet file and blockchain file are two separate things. Only your blockchain file is enormous, and it isn’t your wallet. So where are they kept on my PC?

Wallet location

If you’re using a graphical user interface (GUI) wallet, it will request the location of your wallet during setup. By default, it saves your wallet file to C:\Users\%username%\Documents. If you’re using a command-line interface (CLI) wallet, this file can be found in the same directory where you ran the CLI wallet from. It’s recommended that you always make backups of your wallets just in case something goes wrong.

Blockchain location

It’s in the same location as Monero.exe, but it weighs less than 1MB. C:\ProgramData is where you should store your XMR files and other critical data. This folder is frequently hidden, so use View > Hidden Items to check for it or type %programdata% into the Windows run dialog box and press enter.

The blockchain data is kept in a folder named Monero within this directory. This is the default location for all CryptoNote currencies, including Monero, SumoKoin, Graft, Haven, IPBC, Aeon, Loki, and Stellite among others. If you’re using one of these wallets and want to relocate your wallet’s