connect metamask to coinbase

  • Metamasc cryptocurrency wallet will add Coinbase Pay option
  • This will make it easier for exchange customers to buy and transfer cryptocurrencies
  • The new feature will start working in a couple of weeks

The most popular crypto-purse MetaMask is integrated with Coinbase Rau service. Earlier Coinbase offered Web3 projects to connect their dApps to the new platform. MetaMask will be the first such partner:

The option will become available in the coming weeks. After that, Coinbase customers will be able to buy or transfer their crypto to Metamasc in a couple of clicks.

Before integration, payments looked like this. First, the user has to copy the MetaMask / ENS wallet addresses, paste when transferring on Coinbase exchange, check the correctness of the address and confirm the transaction itself.

Now it’s going to be easier. In their blog Metamask showed a short video how it works. When you click “Buy” in the wallet extension there is an option Coinbase Pay. You need to click, select an amount and confirm the transaction.

With his help Metamask can:

  • buy, store, send and exchange tokens;
  • connect to applications that work on a decentralized basis;
  • work with sites that integrate Ethereum technologies.

The open-source wallet will be useful for beginners, gamers, crypto-traders, and developers. It supports all tokens based on Etherium, including NFT. Fast purchase and exchange is provided by pre-built services ShapeShift, Coinbase.