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Answers to the Coinbase Loopring quiz

Q: What is Loopring?
A: The Ethereum
scaling protocol.

Q: What is NOT a benefit of using Loopring?
A: Traditional bank account required

Q: What is an LRC?
A: Loopring
control token

Answers to the Coinbase Bounce quiz

Q: What is rejection?
A: Decentralized auction protocol

Q: How can you use Bounce?
A: Create or participate in auctions

Q: Where can you use the Bounce app?

Answers to the Coinbase Cartesi Quiz

Q: What does Cartesi allow?
A: For developers to use the underlying software to code smart contracts.

Q: What is Cartesi’s innovative scaling technique for blockchains called?
A: Optimistic convolutions

Q: How can CTSI holders bid?
A: Delegating or running a node in Cartesi Explorer

Answers to Coinbase ANKR Quiz

Q: What does the Ankr platform NOT provide?
A: Integration with traditional banks

Q: What can you NOT do with ANKR token?
A: Send bank transfers

Q: What can Ankr users expect in the future?
A: Getting rewards through advanced DeFi

Answers to the Coinbase Rally quiz

Q: What is a rally?
A: A decentralized network for launching social tokens

Q: Which of these is not a use of RLY?
A: Paying a commission for an Ethereum

Q: Which of the following does NOT apply to how Val fans use ValCoin?
A: Buying bitcoins

Answers to the Coinbase Quiz

Q: What can people create with
A: Software agents that automate tasks

Q: What is the role of the FET token?
A: To power agents

Q: What does plan to support in the future?
A: Automated interaction with industries such as travel and healthcare.

Answers to the Coinbase Balancer quiz

Q: What can you do with Balancer?
A: Trade cryptocurrency and invest through Balancer

Q: What are balancing pools?
A: Self-balancing crypto portfolios

Q: What is a BAL?
A: Balancer
control token

Answers to the Coinbase Clover Finance quiz

Q: What can developers build with Clover Finance?
A: dApps with interoperability

Q: What can you use to interact with dApps?
A: Clover
Financial Wallet

Q: Clover Finance wants to increase utility and accessibility?
A: DeFi

Answers to the Coinbase The Graph quiz

Q: What information is indexed by The Graph?
A: Blockchain

Question. What do you earn by delegating GRTs to an indexer?
A: GRT tokens

Q: Who identifies quality and useful data in The Graph?
A: Curators

Q: What is the best way to earn GRT rewards?
A: Delegate GRT to a high-quality indexer.

Answers to the Coinbase BarnBridge quiz

Q: What is Barnbridge?
A: DeFi
Risk Management Protocol

Q: What is SMART Yield?
A: APY Risk Management Tool

Q: What is a $BOND token?
A: BarnBridge
control token

Answers to the Coinbase Amp Quiz

Q: What is an amplifier?
A: collateral token

Q: How is Amp being used on Flexa today?
A: Instant Settlement Guarantee

Q: What can you earn by posting Amp on Flexa?
A: AMP Rewards

Coinbase Polygon Quiz Answers

Q: Which blockchain helps Polygon scale?
A: Etherium

Q: Who runs the Polygon network?
A: Polygon validators

Q: What is Polygon?
A: The Ethereum-based blockchain

Answers to the Coinbase Skale quiz

Q: Who can deploy a blockchain using SKALE?
A: Any Ethereum

Q: How can SKL owners earn rewards?
A: Delegate SKL to a validator

Q: The SKALE network is designed to support…
A: Internet blockchains

Answers to the Coinbase Ampleforth Quiz

Q: What are the automatic stock changes in Ampleforth called?
A: relocates

Q: Which two tokens give the community control of the Ampleforth protocol?

Q: Ampleforth is censor-resistant _ which relocates once a day.
A: DeFi
building block

Answers to the Coinbase UMA Quiz

Q: UMA allows developers to create what type of financial products?
A: Derivatives

Q: What network members help UMA solve the oracle problem?
A: Liquidators and Controversialists

Q: Which of these can be used to create derivatives of the UMA?
A: All of these answers are correct!

Answers to the Coinbase Stellar Quiz

Q: What is Stellar?
A: A decentralized protocol that connects the world’s financial infrastructure.

Q: What are Stellar Lumens (XLM) used for?
A: Promoting low-cost universal payments

Q: Why is Stellar suitable for sending money transfers?
A: Transactions are fast, inexpensive and global

Q: Why should banks and businesses use Stellar?
A: To issue, exchange and transfer tokens quickly and efficiently

Q: How does the Stellar consensus protocol work?
A: It depends on the cooperation of trusted nodes to validate transactions.

Coinbase Numeraire Quiz Answers

Q: Who sends forecasts to Numerai?
A: The global community of data scientists

Q: Why do data scientists steak NMR tokens?
A: To back up predictions and get rewards

Q: How much do data scientists pay to get Numerai’s financial data?
A: Nothing.

Coinbase Celo Quiz Answers

Q: How does Celo provide greater access to financial tools?
A: By making cryptocurrency available on cell phones

Q: What is Celo used for?
A: Stakes, management and stability

Q: How do I send Celo Dollar?
A: Using the Valora
mobile app

Answers to the Coinbase Compound quiz

Q: What is the key advantage of using Compound?
A: Getting interest from your cryptocurrency.

Q: What do you need to do to borrow cryptocurrency with Compound?
A: Provide the crypto-asset as collateral.

Q: Who decides the future of the Compound protocol?
A: COMP token holders

Answers to the Coinbase NuCypher Quiz

Question. What does NuCypher provide users and applications?
A: End-to-end encryption

Q: What does NuCypher use to protect your data?
A: Independent nodes to perform tasks

Q: Which of the following is NOT a use of an NU token?
A: Payment of Ethereum
transaction fees

Coinbase Enzyme Quiz Answers

Q: What can investors do with Enzyme?
A: Manage and automate your cryptocurrency investments.

Q: What can you NOT do with Enzyme Vault?
A: Invest in stocks, real estate and commodities.

Q: What asset should the storage fee on Enzyme be paid for?

Answers to the Coinbase IoTeX Quiz

Q: How many smart devices are active today?
Answer: 35 billion

Q: How can you earn cryptocurrency with IoTeX?
A: Generating data with smart devices

Q: What devices does IoTeX offer for sale?
A: Ucam
surveillance camera and Pebble data tracker

Answers to the Coinbase USD Coin Quiz

Q: What is not a requirement for a strong password?
A: Memorable (easy to remember)

Q: What is not a form of two-step authentication?
A: 1Password

Q: Which of the following should you never share?
A: Your original phrase

Q: What checks should I run periodically to ensure the security of my account?
A: Check devices with access to your account