How to turn on steam trade confirmation


Over the years, the computer games industry has gained unimaginable momentum, and today there are several platforms that provide game distribution and developer support.

Setting up trade confirmations


In order to quickly sell things on the Trading Platform, you need to set up confirmation of trades.


The most famous by far platform is Steam, the company Valve, it already has more than 6,000 projects. The platform has a huge audience and its own virtual game market – “Marketplace”, where users can sell and buy virtual things (skins, collections).


Since the turnover of the “Marketplace” is not small and, in fact, virtual things have the weight of real currency – has been carefully thought-out protection and confirmation of exchanges (purchases, sales) within the “Marketplace.

The ability to trade between accounts


In order to enable confirmation of trades in Steam, you must first know that access to the “Marketplace” and the possibility of exchange in Steam opens only after the investment of at least five dollars ($ 5). The word “investment” means any purchase in the store (that is, you just need to buy a game not cheaper than five dollars).

WARNING. After the purchase must pass 30 days, after which we can change!


For us to be able to send other users a request to exchange (and vice versa), we need to open the confirmation function in the settings of the Steam client:


  • Open the client and in the account tab (where your nickname is) go to “Profile”. “Profile.”
  • Click on “Edit Profile” and go to “My Privacy Settings.
  • In the tabs “Profile Status” and “Inventory” turn on the status of “Open”. Set Status
  • We are now able to exchange items with other players.
  • Confirming a Steam swap

Because of new account security rules – after requesting an exchange, it needs to be confirmed via the mail, to which our account is tied (when registering a Steam account we specify our email, it is tied to the account). At the mail we receive a letter with a link for confirmation, follow this link and confirm it. All this takes 15 days.

How turn on steam trade confirmation

Naturally, we do not want to wait 15 days! For this purpose there is the second level of security of the process – mobile Authenticator Steam (Steam Guard). With it you can transfer virtual assets instantly, but to do this you need to install the Steam application on your smartphone and bind your account to the device.


Install the application, log in to your account, and follow the instructions:

  • Go to the tab “Steam guard” in the main menu, click on “Settings”. “Steam guard.”
  • Check the box “Get Steam Guard codes to your phone. Enable mode
  • Follow the instructions in the application, bind your phone number to the account.
  • After linking the account must work with an active authenticator for 7 days.

ATTENTION. When tethering your device you must have the correct date and time, otherwise the app won’t let you tether it.


After that each exchange can be confirmed in the app – in the “Confirmation” menu. Now we can safely exchange things, sell and buy them on the “Marketplace”, use the services of Steam and enjoy the games.