What is an unsuccessful transaction in adopt me


In adopt me it is possible to make exchanges with other players, your friends or strangers.

An unsuccessful transaction is an exchange that did not take place.

Unsuccessful deal in adopt me occurs if the game is a bug or exchange is not satisfactory to the players.

Unsuccessful transaction in adopt me

How do you make all the exchanges not work Adopt Me?


You have to keep in mind that this is usually used to spend pranking your friends and other on-users to make them think you’re serious about giving them something, when in fact you’re just playing a trick on them.


And for that you just need to try to get something really spectacular and exclusive, because that way the exchange will be better seen. You can try changing some legendary pet or maybe a really good amount of “bucks” that makes them believe you’re seriously going to trade them. Once you have achieved what you are going to do for a false exchange, do the following steps:


  • First, find the user you want to trick.
  • You must have food available before you open the trading box (This is very important)
  • You open the swap box and put in whatever you want, but you must also put in the food you just put in your hands.
  • Before you accept the exchange, eat what you had, and so it will cease to exist, so there will be no food to exchange, and so the exchange will fail.