Awesome miner program: features, benefits, setup


We present you a review of one of the most popular and effective software for mining in 2022 – Awesome miner. This extremely interesting application stands apart among similar software, because it combines three in one: a control panel for mining farms, market monitoring and news aggregator. You don’t even need to study and analyze the state of affairs in the cryptocurrency industry to work effectively: the smart program will do everything for you.

Please note: if you decide to join the ranks of miners on your PC, do not forget to equip it with a powerful CPU and a video card with Open CL, and be prepared for the fact that graphics processors heat up over 83 degrees during operation. Consequently, you’ll need an efficient cooling system, or your equipment will fail quickly.

Awesome miner: technical specifications

The paid program Awesome has an intuitive interface, even for those who take their first steps in mining. However, the target audience of this product is not the beginners, but experienced miners who have already mastered simpler programs and work simultaneously on several PCs. It is optimally suited for large farms.

The software developers have provided a free trial version that allows you to work with 1-2 farms. Professional Awesome $85 is designed to work with 10 farms and provides technical support via e-mail for 6 months, management via SSN, SMS, cloud services or remotely through the interface.

The most powerful Ultimate edition-version allows you to control the work of up to 300 farms, gives access to a large number of functions and constant technical support (price – $800). If necessary, it is possible to order an individual version for simultaneous management of 5 thousand farms. The application is not scattered into a large number of windows: everything is in front of the user’s eyes and many things work automatically.

Awestome miner provides options for managing different mining capacities.

Awesome miner’s built-in algorithm allows you to select the most profitable coins. For example, if your hardware is configured to mine VTC or ETH, the system will investigate and determine if there are any coins that are more profitable to mine at the moment. If there are, it will tell you and wait for your confirmation to send a signal to start mining, for example, LTC or XMR.

In addition, the program has a smart function that monitors the current technical state of the equipment: the level of CPU load, temperature, etc.

So, let’s list all the pros of Awesome miner:

  1. Ability to mine different cryptocurrencies. The number of hashing algorithms is growing, but Awesome is keeping up with them: today it already has support for 20+).
  2. Ability to work on processors and video cards.
  3. Automatic market analysis, monitoring the rate of digital currencies.
  4. Quickly transferring forces from unprofitable coins to more effective ones.
  5. Instant error notifications.
  6. Ability to keep statistics on income.
  7. Ability to write scripts.
  8. Easy switching between pools.
  9. Convenient withdrawal of funds earned.
  10. User-friendly interface.
  11. Integration of external applications to expand capabilities.
  12.  Enhanced security measures.

Separately, we highlight the disadvantages of software:

  • Lack of Russian language support;
  • orientation towards professionals rather than the general public;
  • A rather high price;
  • work only with Wimdows OS.

Awesome miner program

Awesome miner: setup

The free version of the program can be downloaded from the Awesome miner website. There are 2 installers to choose from:

  • full – marked with a yellow icon;
  • client, with a blue icon – for remote control.

The first time you start the software, the system prompts you to specify the type of mining farm or scan the network to connect to other farms or controlling computers.

The next steps are to choose the algorithm of the cryptocurrency that you will mine, as well as the software, the mining pool and the way it is installed. After that, you need to prescribe the pool settings.

Next, the central Awesome Miner window with all available settings will open in front of you. You can choose a coin to mine from the ones presented in the list, or you can set up any other coin in manual mode.

After you specify your e-wallet and pool address, the software downloads and configures itself. The program includes integration of MSI Afterburner, a free utility for overclocking your graphics card, monitoring the temperature and load of your graphics card and CPU, and managing graphics cards on farms. You can group farms, set separate settings for each group, and easily manage them with a single button.

The Profit Switching function is used to switch to the coins with the highest yield. Farm status messages can also be sent via SMS (except for the free version).

If you have any additional wishes for the program, you can activate them in the Properties tab by right-clicking on it (Properties-Command Line section).

To start mining, click the “Start” button. To stop working, use the “Stop” button, and to restart, use the “Restart” button. There is no need to log in to the farm every time.

In addition to the data for each farm, at the top of the screen is the total hashrate and daily profit:

At the bottom of the screen the GPU-adapter parameters (memory, core frequency, fan speed, hashrate, accepted and rejected balls) are displayed.

On the whole, Awesome miner is very simple, efficient and can make the job easier for any miner. Judging by the reviews of awesome miner by Bitcointalk users, this software allows earning more than the super-popular Nicehash.

You can download Awesome miner here.