Can I use different GPU for mining  


In this post, we will talk about mining with two different chipset manufacturers and combining them into one mining rig.

Mining with different GPU in one rig


In general, you can use NVIDIA and AMD video cards on the same computer or rig. But keep in mind that you need to install two different drivers for both manufacturers, and this is a potential stability issue that you should consider and try to avoid if possible. Note that some regs can run without problems for weeks or months with this installation. But if you already have experience with mining rigs, you should know that some of them have different features and often “rebel”.

Different GPU for mining

If you already have AMD and NVIDIA video cards and still want to use them together, we’ve prepared a short step-by-step instruction on how to install them. Follow these steps to install AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards together.




  • Download the DDU.  
  • Download the correct NVIDIA drivers for your device
  • Download the correct AMD drivers for your device


Video Cards Installation:


  • Once all of the above files are downloaded, disconnect the rig from the internet by disconnecting the LAN cable.
  •  Open DDU and uninstall AMD and NVIDIA drivers (note you have to remove one driver at a time).
  • Shut down Rig.
  • Install AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards in the rig, if they are not already installed.
  • Turn the rig back on.
  • Install either AMD or NVIDIA drivers and restart the rig.
  • Install other drivers, and restart the unit again.
  • Plug in the LAN cable.


If you have problems later, try repeating the above steps as drivers can be automatically updated and this can cause problems.

Is it possible to mine using different models of GPUs from the same manufacturer

Yes, you can. As in the instructions above, you will need to install the appropriate drivers for each model. If all your GPUs are supported by the same driver, install it on each card in turn.