How to choose the right Asic for mining?



Given the active growth of cryptocurrency in the global market, mining is gaining more and more momentum. Naturally, anyone who has decided to start earning on cryptocurrency, thinks about how to choose and buy an Asik in Kiev, so that he could provide maximum efficiency during mining. Let’s consider the main criteria that allow you to choose a suitable solution and not to regret the money spent.

Main criteria for selecting an Asik for mining

Efficiency and overclocking

The payback rate and income will directly depend on what level of hash rate can be achieved on a particular model and the cost of electricity. This means that you will definitely need to check the combination of acceleration profiles and the amount of electricity that the equipment consumes during the selection process. This will allow you to choose the best option. It is recommended to choose equipment that can be upgraded and updated, which will minimize the power consumption and increase the hash rate.

Spare parts availability

Another important selection criterion is the availability of spare parts that will affect the performance of the Asic. Depending on where you live, you should choose models in which you can easily find spare parts. Similarly, if there is a breakdown, you will not suffer a loss, and will be able to solve the problem as quickly as possible. It should be understood that Asics do not have interchangeable parts, with the exception of the fan, if it fits the size.

Warranty availability

Before you buy an Asic, you should read the warranty terms and conditions. It is necessary to pay attention to the warranty period – the longer the warranty, the better. It is also necessary to determine which cases are not covered by the warranty. It is important that there is a service center in your country or city. If you will be protected by the warranty, you will not have to worry about being left without such expensive equipment in a short time.


Here it’s simple – the easier the equipment is to manage, the more time you will spend on mining itself, you won’t need to be distracted by different settings. Ideally, if the devices can be controlled remotely, to monitor their efficiency and status.


An important criterion that can become key, especially if you want to buy several dozens or hundreds Asic at once. Usually the cost directly depends on the level of performance. Do not stop your choice at one model and company, it is recommended to evaluate the offer of several companies and then make a choice. If you do not check the offer of other sellers, you run the risk of buying not the best solution at a high price. Be sure to keep an eye on price trends.

Given these criteria, you will be able to choose Asic, which will fully meet all your requirements and wishes, as well as will bring income.