How to mine on ETHMiner with multiple gpu


Download ETHMiner

To start mining on multiple computers, download and install the ETHMiner app on all of the computers that will be used for mining.

Unzip the downloaded archive and open the file with the.bat extension in a text editor.

In the folder containing the miner, you must create or edit a file with the extension .bat. You can do this with any text editor (e.g. Notepad or Notepad ++). When saving the file, it is important to select “All Files” as the file type, not “txt”. Otherwise you will have .bat.txt at the end of the file name and the miner will not be able to open the file. Your bat file (let’s say it’s called Ehereum-binance_pool.bat) should contain the following text (step 2):


Warning! For security reasons, Windows may not allow you to open the bat file. In this case you should allow it to open in a popup window.

Configure the batch file

Configure the batch file to connect to the Binance Pool:







ethminer.exe -P stratum1+tcp://

ETHMiner with multiple GPU

Set up the miner for your wallet

WALLET_ADDRESS – enter YOUR ether wallet address OR login (username1) from Binance pool – USERNAME (command after -u gives program to which address or account to send ETH) WORKER_NAME – you can choose any name (like test), but don’t exaggerate: it must be no more than 32 characters maximum, contain only letters and numbers (no special characters, like $% “*; @) Don’t forget to include your wallet address in all files!

Start mining

Double-click your Bat file to start the miner. The miner will launch, execute setx commands to set those environment variables, initialize each of your GPUs, create a DAG file on each of your GPUs, and start hashing. If you have followed the above steps, you should see a similar screen.


If you have multiple video cards – that is a whole rig, then follow the same steps, just change the configuration of the .bat file to reflect the number of your video cards.


Ethereum mining – How to create an Ethminer bat file and configure it to work with multiple GPUs


Run one of the .bat files, not ethminer.exe. Batch (.bat) files are used to start ethminer with configuration parameters added.


When mining on 4 AMD video cards, the command should be as –opencl-device 0 1 2 3, or –opencl-device 3?


You can remove this switch and it will default to all cards. I think the correct use of multiple cards is –opencl-devices 0123


Whereas the –opencl-device 1 command will only use device 1.