Minerstat: overview, setup and reviews


Minerstat is a software for monitoring and managing cryptocurrency mining. Minerstat offers a complete set of solutions for crypto-mining professionals.

In recent years, mining has become very popular. Now even a regular PC user with a good video card tends to mine cryptocurrency at least briefly.

But in 2020, mining is not so simple: the choice of programs, pools, setting up Bat files, monitoring and so on make beginners and even experienced users spend a lot of time studying the topic.

This is where the Minerstat project comes in.

What is Minerstat?

Minerstat was founded in late 2016, and is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform and tools for remote mining management.

Minerstat is a software for monitoring and managing cryptocurrency mining. Minerstat offers a complete set of solutions for crypto-mining professionals.

Minerstat works with:

  • GPU mining for Windows
  • GPU mining for Linux
  • ASIC mining and FPGA

Linux OS Mining

Windows mining

ASIC monitoring

Over 35 supported GPUs
350+ supported coins

Over 35 supported GPUs
350+ supported coins

Monitoring Antminer
60+ supported ASIC 250+
supported coins

Note that you can monitor your mining rigs via the dashboard on the website or via the official mobile app for Android or iOS.

To start using Minerstat, you need to create a new account and add new vorkers through the web panel.

To connect the farm to the statistics page, you must install special software on it [the farm]. For this software to work, you need a flash drive with at least 16 GB of memory.

What does Minerstat offer?

Minerstat offers several unique features that other mining operating systems do not have. It makes it easier to monitor mining, switches to better (more profitable) coins on its own, has backup pool functions, and much more.

Automatic switching between cryptocurrencies Minerstat allows you to switch your farms between selected coins or algorithms within selected mining pools.

In the settings you can always clearly specify the conditions for switching, including the pool commission and electricity consumption.

ClockTune is a feature that allows you to professionally optimize your mining with overclocking and de-voltage tools for your AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. Note that even a novice can handle this feature, and it will allow you to get more cryptocurrency and pay less for electricity.

Alerts and notifications – You can set alerts and notifications for different events with different settings: hardware status, performance (notifies you if the hash rate has been reduced), etc.

Triggers – Minerstat can automatically take action as soon as an important problem is detected. This way, you can always be sure that your farm is working properly and without problems. For example, if overheating of video cards occurs, the system will automatically set even more cooler rotation, so that the card works at acceptable temperatures and does not overheat.

Approximate profitability – Minerstat shows the approximate profit of your farms, based on the hash rate and performance of the mined coin.

The rest of the features can be found on the official website.


Registration on the site is very simple and takes a couple of minutes.

Go to the home page of the site and click on “Sign in”.

A new page will open. Click on “Create free account” to create a new account.

A new window opens in which you must enter the following data:

  1. Email. We think it’s best to use Email from Google because it’s considered one of the most reliable on the Internet.
  2. Next, read the terms of the agreement and tick the box if you are satisfied with them (without a tick the registration will not continue).
  3. Click “Continue” to continue registration

As soon as you complete the above 3 points, a pop-up window will open that says:

“Welcome to Minerstat! The Minerstat platform and software are designed to improve your mining experience and save you time. Let’s get started.”

Next, click on the “Let’s start” button

Then go to your mailbox and in the received letter from Minerstat click on the link to confirm registration. The code in the letter is necessary for future login to your account.

Setting up Google’s 2Fa

Next, after registering, we strongly recommend that you install 2Fa from Google to fully protect your account.

To do this, click on the icon to go to your account, which is located in the upper right corner. In the tabs that open, select 2Fa.

Next, scan the barcode, preferably on several devices, enter the code from 2Fa into the field that appears.

That’s all, you have protected your account as much as possible!

How do I set up Minerstat?

After you have registered, go to the “Workers” section. Since you haven’t created any workers yet, you will see “Add your first worker” in the middle of the screen.

Click the “Add new worker” button.

Next, in the window that appears, fill out the following items:

  1. Come up with a name for the worker. For example, 1080×6. When you monitor the statistics, you will immediately understand what kind of farm it is
  2. Select the card manufacturer (AMD or Nvidia)
  3. Click the “Add worker” button

Once you have entered all the data you will need to download the installation file, which should be transferred to a flash drive and installed on the farm.

Note that the following steps are required for proper installation:

  • Disable antivirus, firewall
  • Disable Windows Defender in Live Mode

Then you install the downloaded file, enter it by entering your key and the name of the farm.

After that, pass the benchmark, which will determine what coins you can mine.

Configuring under Linux

First, we create a new account. After that we download msOS.

Here it’s simple: download the file via a direct link.

Now you need to write the image to a flash drive of 8 GB or more.

Any software or terminal will do. Minerstat representatives suggest using Etcher

. The procedure is done in three steps: select the file, specify the flash drive and burn the image. The process takes about 20 minutes.

Now, while the download is going on, you need to create a new vorker.

We add a new vorker. To do this, select the manufacturer of the video card – AMD or Nvidia, and select msOS in the type of system.

After you have created the worker, go on to edit the addresses.

The site already offers a large number of pools, so if you do not need new ones, then go to the tab “Wallets” and add wallets for the desired coins. For example, Ethereum (ETH).

After the added wallets go to the page vorker.

To change the vorker configuration, click on the wrench icon.

There will be many settings: you can load a profile for overclocking, change groups, activate automatic switching and so on.

Now we only specify the default mining client. We choose CLAYMORE-ETH as it is available for both Nvidia and AMD devices.

Then scroll down to the client list, where we find CLAYMORE-ETH. Since you’ve already entered the ETH-pool and ETH-wallet addresses in the editor, both tags should be colored blue.

If you are not going to use dual-mining, delete the parameters associated with it. Then click on [MODE] and specify [SINGLE]. The configuration should look something like this:

After entering the data, go to the bottom of the page and save the changes by clicking on “Save changes”.

Now we are waiting for the image to be written.

When writing is complete, remove the USB drive and reinsert it. Open config.js and enter the access key and vorker name.

global.accesskey = ” *16b****”
global.worker = “Sxl080”;

Enter the key and name with care, because the fields are case-sensitive. The access key is found by hovering over your avatar (on the site, or in your registration letter) in the upper right corner. The name of the voter is the same as the one we specified when we created the voter.

Launching msOS. Remove the USB drive and insert it into your mining farm. Wait a few minutes for the startup to complete.

It takes longer to turn on for the first time, especially if you are using a USB 2.0 flash drive.

If after a few minutes nothing happens, press “CTRL + ALT + F1” to analyze the situation. In this case, the monitor must be connected to the GPU to show the data. If the problems do not disappear, you can ask for help from the developers Minerstat in Discord. They will do everything.

While the system works and mines, we explore its other features. Activate profiles for overclocking (ClockTune), try to switch to another coin, create custom configuration for mining.

Automatic switching between coins

Another useful feature that is easy to activate is the automatic coin toggle or profit-switch.

To do this, go to the pools page on the website

. Note that pools are already set up for major coins (for example, such as F2Pool).

However, you can add your own pools that you are interested in.

Next, on the pools page, go to the “Wallets” tab. Here you need to specify the wallets of coins that you will mine. Coins will come to these wallets.

Then go to the “profit-switch” tab.

Here we select the desired worker, or several workers at once, and click “Confirm”.

Next, on the page that opens, we add the coins we are interested in. To do this, do the following steps:

  1. Choose a coin from the list of algorithms
  2. Choose a pool that is convenient for you
  3. Choosing this coin purse
  4. Set the pool commission (if you know it)

Next, we enter the hash rates. Specify hash rates and consumption for the algorithms of the selected coins, for example, Ethash (ETH, ETC and CLO).

For example, 6×1080 will produce about 204 Mh/s and consume 900W.

Next, specify the cost of electricity. The cost is given in dollars, so use an online currency converter for an accurate calculation.

If you have daytime and nighttime electricity, take the average cost. For example, our night mode is 3 rubles, and the day mode is 3.9 rubles. So we will enter an average value of 3.5 rubles.

Now you need to specify the switching condition. To do this, set the minimum difference for switching between coins – for example, 5%. Also, specify a certain period of time during which the farm will mine a new coin after the switch. You can choose 30 minutes or another time interval.

Now, once the new coin (backup) is launched, it will be mined for 50 minutes, after that it will go back to the old coin.

Next, save the changes by clicking the “Save changes” button, and run the profitswitch for this worker.

The launch is available by editing the warcaster’s config or by pressing the “Miner Switch” button. To activate, move the slider to the right and see the green color.


Minerstat also offers you a handy online calculator to calculate the profit from your video card or farm.

To use this calculator, go to this page of the site

. Next, fill in the following fields:

  1. Choose the currency in which the calculation will be conducted, for example Rubles
  2. Once you have selected a currency, the “Electricity costs” scale will automatically change to the currency of your choice. In the “Electricity costs” scale you enter the cost of your electricity. If there is a daytime and nighttime mode, enter the average value
  3. In the “Algorithms” column, select either Nvidia or AMD, depending on which farm you will be counting for (Nvidia or AMD)
  4. In the column “Load data (if available)” select a specific video card, for example, Nvidia 1080 Ti, and next to it indicate the number of these video cards, for example “6” pieces

After you have entered all the values, scroll down the page and click on “Calculate”. The page will refresh and the most profitable coins for your farm will be shown.


Minerstat is a professional mining farm management system, which is quite easy to set up for both an experienced miner and a beginner. The platform can be customized in the context of your mining strategy, which is very important.

The development team is always active on Discord and regularly releases software and dashboard updates, eliminating bugs and inaccuracies in the platform. On the plus side, the project has an active Medium, where new posts and tutorials are published every week.

Minerstat is free for 1 vorker, for each additional vorker we pay 1,8 Euro per month. There is also a discount for the period of use, depending on the paid period: 3 months – 10% discount, 6 months – 15% discount, 1 year – 20% discount.

Remember that you can always keep 1 rig (1 vorker) on the platform for free. Be sure to test the platform to make sure the service is effective, because its main advantage is that it saves you time while making money for you.