Mining software


Mining programs are downloaded to a PC in order to do the work that results in bitcoins or other cryptocurrency. All users of computers or systems of several PCs are combined into pools for convenient joint mining. Cryptocurrency can be mined on a usage basis:

Mining does not require constant monitoring by the owner of the PC or computer system.

Programs for mining on the processor

Mining using a CPU is called CPU. It is important to have hardware, namely CPU with high power, in order to increase the efficiency of earning cryptocurrencies. The best and fastest way to mine with the help of such actions is primecoin. It is necessary to download a wallet for primecoin and create your own address. The most popular programs for mining:

  • CPU miner (pooler) – allows you to withdraw and earn lightcoins.
  • CPU miner – invented exclusively for Bitcoin.
  • 50MINER – allows you to mine bitcoins and lightcoins.
  • GUI miner (Phoenix + poclbm) – effectively mines Bitcoin.
  • Ufasoft Miner – suitable for most cryptocurrencies.
  • Eobot – suitable for mining Bitcoin, DogeCoin.

To perform operations on CPUs, you can use programs:

  • Ethminer;
  • Claymore cpu;
  • Ccminer;
  • Yam cpu;

The speed of such procedures and cryptocurrency mining using the processor will be low, but the power consumption will also decrease.

Selection criteria

Before choosing a mining program, you need to know the power of your PC, as well as choose the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine. The process itself has a unit of measurement – hashes per second. As of today, the required effective value is 100000 hashes. It is important to find out the parameters and capabilities of the equipment on the video card or processor evaluation services.

Then, with the help of estimates on coinwarz and whattomine you can choose a profitable cryptocurrency. After that, it is worth to choose the right pool, taking into account the commission percentages. The most popular pools for mining – Nicehash (suitable for small earnings) and MinerGate (on it you can check the PC power).

Only after selecting a currency, a pool, you can select a program for mining. If the power of the video card is high, it is recommended to earn on it. It is worth starting with programs with a light interface. It is important to enter the correct data into it.