Gekko trading bot strategies  


One popular strategy that can be used with the Gekko trading bot is the “Dollar Cost Averaging” (DCA) strategy. This strategy involves buying a fixed amount of an asset on a regular schedule, regardless of the asset’s price. By buying the asset at set intervals, you can reduce your overall cost basis for the asset, and potentially profit from long-term price appreciation.

Another common strategy used by traders is known as “grid trading”. With this approach, traders place buy and sell orders at predetermined levels above and below the current market price. As the market moves up and down, these orders are executed, providing the trader with a consistent stream of profits (or losses).

Of course, these are just two of many different strategies that can be used with the Gekko trading bot. As you become more familiar with the software, you may want to experiment with different approaches to see what works best for you.

Gekko trading bot strategies

The strategies employed by Gekko are based on technical analysis indicators.

I will either give you long or short investment advice. Gekko is a good asset to buy and hold, according to Long

Currently, Gekko comes with the following examples:

  • DEMA
  • MACD
  • PPO
  • RSI
  • StochRSI
  • CCI
  • talib-macd

What is Gekko trading bot ?

The Gekko trading bot is an open source software solution that is available for anyone to use. It is important to note that the Gekko bot does not make any decisions on its own; instead, it relies on the user to input trading signals. Once these signals are received, the bot will automatically place trades on behalf of the user.

One of the great things about the Gekko bot is that it is completely free to use. There are no subscription fees or any other hidden costs associated with using the software. Additionally, the code for the bot is publicly available, so anyone can download and modify it to fit their needs.

What is Gekko trading

How does Gekko work?

The Gekko trading bot is designed to be simple and easy to use. Once you have downloaded and installed the software, you will need to create a new “strategy”. A strategy is simply a set of rules that will tell the bot when to buy and sell assets.

Once you have created a strategy, you will need to “backtest” it. Backtesting allows you to simulate how your strategy would have performed in the past. This is an important step, as it allows you to identify any potential flaws in your strategy before you put real money at risk.

Finally, once you are satisfied with your strategy, you can “live trade” with the Gekko bot. This means that the bot will place actual trades on your behalf, using your strategy.

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Is Gekko profitable ?

The Gekko trading bot is a very powerful tool, but it is important to remember that it is not a “holy grail” and cannot guarantee profits. Like any other type of trading, there is always risk involved. However, if you are careful and use the bot correctly, it can be a very effective way to make money in the cryptocurrency markets.