Top 10 Best Mining Software in 2022


Mining software is specialized software that allows you to mine cryptocurrency. Technically, the mining process is simple – you install the software, do the basic setup, and then everything happens automatically. But there are nuances.

Not every program is suitable for Bitcoin mining, there is software designed for a specific coin or group of coins (determined by the algorithm). Such programs work only on specific operating systems and have hardware requirements.

Finally, not all cryptocurrency mining programs are effective. So that you don’t waste your time comparing and analyzing, in this article the IOFT experts give a brief description of the ten best programs for mining and explain the peculiarities of their work.

Top 10 programs for mining cryptocurrencies: comparison table

Below is a table of the best programs for mining on your computer. The software is evaluated according to its technical characteristics, ease of use, and earning potential. The table includes the most important parameters – what devices the program supports, what mining algorithm it uses, and what coins it mines. You can read more details about each of these solutions in the corresponding block of the article after the table.

Title Supported


Mining algorithm What cryptocurrencies can be mined
Miner OS AMD, nVidia, CPU Depends on the miner Any, depending on the miner
GMiner Cuda AMD, nVidia BeamHashIII, Cortex, Cuckoo29, Equihash-125-4, Equihash-192-7, Equihash-144-5, Equihash-210-9, Ethash, KAWPOW and Etchash Ethereum, ETC, Beam, Cortex and others
Claymore Dual AMD, nVidia Lbry, Pascal, Blake2s, Keccak Ethereum, Siacoin and Decred
MiniZ Miner nVidia BeamHashIII, Equihash-96-5, Equihash-125-4, Equihash-144-5, Equihash-150-5, Equihash-192-7, Equihash-210-9, Ethash, KAWPOW Ethereum, Aion, BTG, Snowgem, Ycash, Flux, Zero BEAM, BitcoinZ
Easy Miner AMD, nVidia, CPU SHA256, Scrypt, Blake2b, Lyra2RE Bitcoin, Litecoin, Siacoin, DeepCloud AI, Quark, Vertcoin
Nicehash Miner nVidia, AMD, CPU As decided by the service Bitcoin, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH, ZEC
Minergate nVidia, AMD, CPU, ASIC Depends on the miner Zcash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bytecoin, Monero, DigitalNote, Bitcoin Gold, Monero-Classic
Fin Miner nVidia, AMD Ethash Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Expanse, Ubiq, and others
MultiMiner nVidia, AMD, CPU, ASIC, FPGA Aergo, anime, c11, dedal, exosis, kawpow, timetravel, tribus, wildkeccak, and others Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Maxcoin and others
RaveOS nVidia, AMD, CPU, ASIC Depends on the miner Any, depending on the miner

Miner OS

This operating system is based on Linux, but can run on Windows devices. It is a platform for miners. That is, you install the program and select a miner according to your miner-rig. Miner OS supports 30 miners, including T-rex, SRBMiner-MULTI, Gminer and others.

Miner OS allows mining cryptocurrency on AMD and nVidia video cards, as well as on processors (CPU mining). The algorithm used depends on the active miner. For example, T-rex is a top-end miner for mining on nVidia video cards, it works with Ethash, Kawpow, Octopus, Autolykos2, Blake3, MTP, Firopow and Progpow algorithms.

Miner OS features a high level of automation – once the jobs are set up, the mining software works automatically. The software will even restart the rig itself if it overheats or the hash rate drops drastically. You can mine on video card and CPU at the same time, as well as on mixed regs. Installation on a hard disk or flash drive.

GMiner Cuda

GMiner Cuda

One of the leading programs for Ethereum mining, but also used for mining ETC, Beam, Cortex and several other coins using BeamHashIII, Cortex, Cuckoo29, Equihash-125-4, Equihash-192-7, Equihash-144-5, Equihash-210-9, Ethash, KAWPOW and Etchash algorithms.

The mining software is installed on the Windows operating system and works with nVidia and AMD regs. You can’t mine altcoins on CPUs with this solution. The program is easy to configure and use, there are a lot of guides on the web for each supported crypto. Uses standard MSI Afterburner for overclocking. It’s free.

Claymore Dual

This software for mining on your computer supports rigs with nVidia and AMD video cards. It is installed on Windows and Linux (x64 only, which is relevant to most miners). Supported algorithms: Lbry, Pascal, Blake2s, Keccak. Allows efficient mining of Ethereum, Siacoin and Decred. The peculiarity is the dual-mining mode, i.e. simultaneous mining of two coins without performance degradation.

The software is perfectly optimized for OpenCL, so Ethereum mining is 3-5% higher than most peers. This cryptocurrency mining software can work with mixed regs. Installation and setup takes minutes. It is optimal to mine Ethereum all the time, and the second coin to choose according to the situation. The software is free.

MiniZ Miner

Universal mining software that works with nVidia video cards. Installed on Windows and Linux, the feature – can work with cards that have only 2 GB of RAM. Setup through the miner’s console or in the browser window.

Supports BeamHashIII, Equihash-96-5, Equihash-125-4, Equihash-144-5, Equihash-150-5, Equihash-192-7, Equihash-210-9, Ethash, KAWPOW algorithms. Accordingly, it is possible to mine Ethereum, Aion, BTG, Snowgem, Ycash, Flux, Zero BEAM, BitcoinZ. The solution is characterized by high stability of work.

Easy Miner

One of the “lightest” programs for mining cryptocurrencies, which works on Windows operating systems, including x86 versions. It allows mining on video cards (nVidia and AMD) and CPU. Supports popular algorithms SHA256, Scrypt, Blake2b, Lyra2RE. You can mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, Siacoin, DeepCloud AI, Quark, Vertcoin.

The main features of the software are minimal settings, an integrated wallet, and the ability to optimize income from Litecoin mining. The program is free and has open source code. That is, if you want, you can add your own functions, which is important for advanced miners. Note – there is no localization of the interface (only English).

Nicehash Miner

Nicehash Miner

As with Miner OS, this is not quite a cryptocurrency mining program. You provide the server with your computing power and in return you get rewards in Bitcoin, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH or ZEC. You can provide ready regs and devices that you use permanently in your PC. Service works with nVidia, AMD and CPUs.

This option will suit you if you have never been mining cryptocurrency. There is no need to set up the program, it is enough to specify the equipment on the website, which you will provide to the server, and choose the coin in which you will receive the reward. Then everything happens automatically, the service itself will choose which coins to mine on your video card or processor.

The advantage of Nicehash is one hundred percent transparency. You can find out everything about your equipment and its performance at any time through your Personal Area on the site. Your earnings are displayed in real time and are automatically withdrawn to your internal or external wallet once a day or once a week.


Similar to the previous solution, this is a platform, not a specific mining software. That is, you install the program, in it you choose the miner and the currency you want to mine. Supported miners – Bminer, GrinPro Miner, Mainnet Grin Gold Miner, nheqminer (NVIDIA, CPU), Claymore’s Zcash AMD GPU miner, Ethminer, Genoil’s Ethereum GPU Miner, Claymore CryptoNote AMD GPU Miner, Claymore CryptoNote Windows CPU Miner, ccminer, xmr-stak, xmrig, CPUMiner-Multi, Yam miner, EWBF Cuda Equihash miner.

As you can see, there is a lot of choice. You can mine Zcash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bytecoin, Monero, DigitalNote, Bitcoin Gold, Monero-Classic with Minergate. Depending on the miner, the platform allows nVidia, AMD, CPU and ASIC (CryptoNight). There is an internal wallet, output to external wallets daily. The advantage of the platform is simple but functional settings. For example, you can activate the “smart mining” function, then the system itself will switch to the coins that are mining the best right now.

Fin Miner

This mining software is highly rated by industry newbies and professionals alike. The program is simple and easy to use, works on Windows and Linux. It supports only Ethash, so you can mine Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Expanse, Ubiq and other coins that work on this protocol for the PoW algorithm. All these altcoins are mined on nVidia and AMD video cards, Fin Miner supports both types of cards.

The program provides a complete summary of the hardware performance. If the hash rate drops or the rig overheats, you can reboot the system at any time. The settings are flexible on the one hand (there is an API for remote access) and intuitive on the other (a beginner only needs to enter basic commands and specify the wallet). The project collaborates with Microsoft, has a digital signature of Windows, which guarantees the highest level of security. Technical support works 24/7 and responds promptly.



One of the most versatile programs for mining on your computer. It supports Windows and Linux, and lets you mine on GPUs, CPUs, ASICs, even FPGAs. The list of supported algorithms is also extensive. Aergo, anime, c11, dedal, exosis, kawpow, timetravel, tribus, wildkeccak are just a few, there are over fifty altogether. Obviously, with this kind of input, the miner allows you to mine almost any coin, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Maxcoin.

In addition to the huge variety of mined cryptocurrencies MultiMiner has other advantages. First of all, it concerns the settings. For example, you can set the intensity of mining literally by the minute or depending on the hardware load. Or you can define the exact startup time of the OS and the miner, a list of events for emergency reboot, and an API whitelist. Finally, there is the MobileMiner feature to control mining from a remote mobile device.

Rave OS

Once again, this is a mining platform that allows you to mine crypto with almost any miner or pool. It runs on Windows and Linux and allows you to mine on GPU, CPU, ASIC. Will suit beginners because of the clear graphical interface, simple basic settings and ready-made profiles. Professionals will appreciate the high adaptability. For example, there is customizable custom firmware for ASIC, it is possible to partition into clusters and manage them via a dashboard with tags.

This mining software assumes the installation of a mobile version, which will display the current status of the equipment. You can set up notifications (push, web, e-mail or Telegram bot). There is an integrated wallet with detailed statistics and the ability to generate reports of any type for all time periods. The widest list of chips for overclocking, e.g. RX boost, AMDMemtweak, VBIO modification.

What is mining

All cryptocurrencies work inside blockchain type databases. A blockchain is a sequence of blocks, each block containing some information. The creation of new blocks ensures the existence of the database. This requires computing power; ordinary video cards, computer central processors, and specialized devices like ASICs and FPGAs are suitable.

Mining is the process of creating new blocks in a blockchain by using the processing power of available hardware. Any blockchain involves a reward for creating new blocks, the reward being the cryptocurrency that runs on that blockchain. To simplify, you use your PC to create new blocks for the blockchain and get coins for it into your cryptocurrency wallet.

There is hardware mining and cloud mining. Hardware is when you install mining software on your PC and mine a coin using your own devices. This can be a regular video card in your system unit, or a rig – a complex of video cards combined with each other. With cloud mining, you rent the power of someone else’s equipment, and the cryptocurrency is mined on it, you have to pay the landlord a solid percentage of your earnings or a fixed rental amount.

Self-mining is the most profitable option. You are 100% in control of your cryptocurrency mining and pay only a small percentage to the mining pool you work through. Most miners (cryptocurrency mining software) are either completely free or have a free mode for beginners.

How to choose the best software for mining

You have seen from our top example that mining software differs in several key parameters. First of all, these are the coins that can be mined by the miner. The list of coins available for mining is determined by two parameters – supported hardware and algorithms.

Hardware refers to the method of mining – using GPUs (graphics processing unit of nVidia and AMD video cards), CPUs (central processing units) and specialized devices for mining (ASIC and FPGA). An algorithm is a cryptographic mechanism that encrypts a digital currency. Some cryptocurrencies work on several algorithms at once, and vice versa – there are algorithms that allow mining different cryptocurrencies.

For example, you install a GMiner Cuda miner. It supports the Etchash algorithm. This algorithm is used to mine Ethereum. Accordingly, on GMiner Cuda you can mine Ethereum using nVidia and AMD video cards (both brands are suitable). Therefore, when choosing cryptocurrency mining software, focus first of all on the coins you want to mine.

Next, assess the technical characteristics and usability – the functionality of the miner, the available features, its adaptability. All miners from our top are cross-platform, which means they work on any OS (but not all – on the x86 version). The presence of a mobile application will be a plus. The advantage for beginners is the simple interface and high level of automation.

Should I be mining in 2022?

Downloading mining software is not difficult. If you have a powerful enough PC, you can even not compile rigs, and mine cryptocurrency directly on the computer. But if you want to approach the issue on a professional level, video cards are assembled into rigs or (depending on the coin you want to mine) ASIC/FPGA are purchased.

The problem is that hardware mining is extremely expensive to start with. Top video cards and “asics” are quite expensive, and you can’t make “fast and a lot” with non-high-end ones. Even “long and much” will not work. But theoretically, this problem is solvable, because in the long run, with a calculated approach and competent optimization of equipment, a pair of regs pays for itself in about six months.

That’s the ideal. The reality is that every minute (no exaggeration) there are more and more people who install mining software on their computers. Huge farms with hundreds or even thousands of video cards are expanding and getting bigger. The volume of all the cryptocurrencies being mined is growing. And the blockchain is designed in such a way that each successive block is more difficult to obtain than each previous one. As a result, more and more capacity is needed, and the equipment becomes more expensive as the demand increases.

This is why cryptocurrency mining in 2022 is no longer as profitable as it was 3-5 years ago. It is often easier and more profitable to invest in cryptocurrency on an exchange.

Best cryptocurrency exchanges

A crypto exchange is a platform for trading cryptocurrency. Essentially, it’s like a broker for currency trading. That is, a crypto exchange takes trades of its traders to the international market, acting as an intermediary. There are hundreds of crypto-exchanges, but not many of them are reliable.

Most crypto exchanges offer a fairly extensive pool of instruments. Basically, these are crypto-crypto pairs, where you sell/buy one cryptocurrency for another. But many exchanges also have crypto-fiat pairs that give you the opportunity to make transactions with fiat assets.

All crypto exchanges have an internal account, which can usually be used as a full-fledged cryptocurrency wallet. Some exchanges, such as Binance, even issue a plastic card linked to the e-wallet account. Users can withdraw funds to external cryptocurrency wallets and bank cards, and use various payment systems (e.g., YUMANI).

Many cryptocurrency exchanges offer P2P exchanges. This is a peer-to-peer exchange network where buying/selling cryptocurrency is done between users directly without intermediaries. Most of the top crypto exchanges give you the opportunity to earn passively. It can be cloud mining or stacking (an alternative to mining where blocks in the blockchain are created by providing already existing coins rather than by mathematical operations).

There are also crypto exchanges with trust management, transaction copying services and other opportunities for passive income. Below we will look at three crypto-exchanges that allow you to earn the most from cryptocurrency both by active trading and by passive investing.

The Bybit cryptocurrency exchange appeared in 2018. It is an independent platform for trading derivatives – inverse and open-ended futures contracts with a margin leverage up to 1:200. Bybit has quarterly USD futures available in combination with cryptocurrencies BTS, ETH, XRP, EOS, LTC and several tokens. There is a line futures on BTS/USDT. The exchange has several technological advantages: there is mutual insurance of market participants against possible sharp price movements, there is netting for long and short positions, there is market depth.

Huobi Global (pronounced “Huobi”) is an international cryptocurrency exchange. The work of Huobi Global began back in 2013. The cryptocurrency exchange allows traders to conduct transactions with a variety of assets, among which about 300 currency pairs and cross rates. There is no information about the presence of the license of the presented company, the exchange also did not receive awards for the period of activity.

Currency com (pronounced “”) is a universal crypto platform for trading Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other assets. Traders have many cryptocurrencies and tokens at their disposal, which can be freely transferred and converted, including exchanging for fiat money. The exchange complies with international AML and KYC standards and offers tight spreads and competitive commissions. There are affiliate and referral programs, as well as the ability to invest in company tokens and tokenized government bonds. In addition to the web app, there is mobile trading. The platform is characterized by a powerful analytical part.


There are quite a few programs for mining on the computer. They use common video cards and processors, as well as mining regs, “asics” and other specialized solutions for mining cryptocurrencies. Software for mining differs in a number of parameters – compatible equipment, algorithms used, list of mined cryptocurrencies.

Some programs are simplified as much as possible in terms of management, they are designed for novice miners. Others have many settings or open source code, allowing experienced players to optimize their crypto mining and adapt the software to their own needs. A high level of automation is an advantage for miners of any level.

However, you should understand that cryptocurrency mining software is no longer as profitable as it was 3-5 years ago. The number of miners is constantly growing, so the mining process is getting more complicated and the equipment is getting more expensive. In reality, mining is becoming less profitable every day. It is more profitable to earn on cryptocurrency through cryptocurrency exchanges.