TOP 10. Best software for mining 2022


TOP 10. Mining software rating 2022

When should I start mining? No one can tell you the best time. It is up to you to choose this moment. Have a gaming home computer? See how much it will bring you. There are two, three video cards, then this is fate. You don’t have to mine crypto 24/7.


  • the ability to connect multiple PCs to your account;
  • automatic selection of the most profitable coin for mining;
  • withdrawal of cryptocurrency or fiat immediately to a bank card;
  • Simple user interface with Russian localization.

Cryptex pays you for the calculations your computer does. Calculations are not fast. It takes at least a few hours for Cryptex to work. Determines the most profitable coin, but converts the balance to Bitcoin. It has a light mode of operation.


  • automatic selection of the most promising algorithm;
  • the possibility of auto-conversion of mined currency to Bitcoin;
  • user-friendly user interface and mobile application;
  • its own “exchange”, wallet and calculator of cryptocurrency mining.

This program makes it easy to mine and trade cryptocurrency. NaisHash service allows you to control all tasks remotely. With one click you can start mining. Plus, NiceHash OS is a system that loads from a USB drive. The miner is constantly updated.

Cudo Miner

  • tuning algorithms to improve performance;
  • a high-quality miner interface with a powerful web console;
  • remote control and tracking capabilities;
  • without limiting the number of devices per account.

Multifunctional GPU and CPU miner that supports all top algorithms. Cudo Miner mining platform is easy to set up and extremely profitable. It has an auto-switching function, to get the highest possible profits.


  • fine-tuning: optimization of mining, config. vorker/addresses;
  • calculator, to calculate the profit of video cards or entire farms;
  • automatic switching between coins or algorithms;
  • alerts and triggers: temperature, offline status, hashrate…

The service offers a complete set of solutions for crypto-mining professionals. Monitoring and management of mining farms from a single powerful control panel. Minerstat only mines cryptocurrency, settings are available in an advanced web interface.


  • a really user-friendly user interface of the program;
  • can work with several computers in parallel;
  • multiple modes of operation, including: smart, 50%, 90% or 100%;
  • built-in performance test, to determine income.

This is a free application that uses free computer power. On the first run, the optimal algorithm for mining will be determined. Unfortunately, last time there was a week delay in withdrawal of cryptocurrency. No updates for two years, but it works.


  • several mining modes: manual and profit-switching;
  • monitoring service, statistics and auto exchange in Bitok are available;
  • user-friendly interface of the service and the program especially for beginners;
  • built-in benchmark, to determine the optimal algorithm.

An automated mining tool available exclusively for Windows. It detects your hardware and chooses the best algorithm for maximum benefit. With BetterHash you can mine 5 cryptocurrencies, even the famous BTG, ETC, ETH (up to POS), RVN and XMR.


  • simultaneous mining of several cryptocurrencies on different pools;
  • mandatory installation of the system on a USB flash drive (even without an HDD);
  • support for dozens of pools and all updated miner programs;
  • Web cabinet with a user-friendly interface for remote monitoring.

A mining platform that allows users to configure, mine, and monitor all processes. Track hash rate, status, errors, activity, pool configuration and power consumption. Provides remote access from anywhere.

Awesome Miner

  • supports more than 50 engines (CGMiner, BFGMiner, XMRig, etc.);
  • The simultaneous control of several pools of miners is available;
  • has a web interface that can be quickly accessed;
  • compatible with algorithms (SHA-256, Scrypt, X11, Ethereum and Zcash).

The program can work with several types of equipment and mining engines. Allows you to manage multiple engines and pools from the toolbar. Plus it shows the temperature and state of your equipment. Of course, one-click mining.


  • the possibility of selecting a coin according to the equipment;
  • The mobile app allows you to remotely manage your miners;
  • supports more than 20 different algorithms for mining;
  • intuitive graphical interface for control.

Uses a basic mining mechanism (BFGMiner), provides an interface for selecting coins, including BTC, ETH, ZEC and others. Automatically scans devices and lists their data in a table: pool and average hash power. Plus daily predicted profit.


  • supports multiple mining pools and devices;
  • maximum mining performance with the NeoScrypt algorithm;
  • The ability to adjust the speed of the coolers and overclock the GPU;
  • auto-switching between vorkers and no commissions at all.

This is an open-source console mining application. The first time you run it, you need to enter the address, login, and password for the mining pool. It will automatically detect the connected hardware. You can also take a closer look at Claymore’s Dual Miner alternative.

Table of comparison of mining software

Let’s look at the differences between mining programs. Basically, they perform a direct function: mining cryptocurrency. For example, Cryptex and NysHash rent your power. But only Cryptex allows you to withdraw rubles to the card, or other payment systems (a large choice).


(in crypto or fiat)

(this does not include the network)

( +different approaches )

(top quality)

Bitcoin, Ethereum – from 0.00025 BTC or 0.03 ETH;

0.00005 BTC
0.004 ETH;

2% of the income of referrals;

Bank cards, JuMoneu, ADVcash, QIWI, WebMoney;

50,00 ₽ + 3%
$6,00 + 3%;

(plus exchange)

Bank account (EUR), VTC wallet – from 0.0005 BTC and others;



Cudo Miner
(no fiat)

Only the crypt with the min. threshold:

0.000767 BTC
0.0115 ETH
0.088 XMR
20 ALGO;

Low: 0.000006 BTC
Medium: 0.00001 BTC
High: 0.00003 BTC;

10 and 5% of the commissions that the service itself receives;

(for pros)

Direct payments to wallets;

From 8% to 13% of the credits from orders by referrals;

(no updates)

Minimum withdrawal amount is 3mBTC (24 to 200 hours);

Commission on the income of referrals and sub 10 and 5%;

(no fees)

Only Bitcoin from 0.0010 BTC;

0.0002 BTC (if on Coinbase, it will be 0);

50% of the transaction fee for BTC referrals;


Directly, it depends on the wallet;

10%, promo code WinddOfficial – 10 USD to your account;

Awesome Miner




How do developers make money? For example, at the expense of commissions, which are taken when withdrawing cryptocurrencies. Some offer additional tariff plans and not only that. For that, they make the mining process as easy as possible. This allows you to start mining in one click.

How to choose a mining program? Take advantage of Cryptex or NysHash services. You can run a miner and see the projected income. Plus there are built-in mining calculators, choose your video card and see how much you can earn.


Mining is still relevant, even expanding slowly. For example, there is Chia coin mining using hard drives. Remember MinerGate and AngryMiner? The first one lags relentlessly, the second one does not work at all. Last year they worked fine…

Plus, wallets for storing cryptocurrencies. The safest way to keep crypto is with Ledger or Trezor hardware wallets. Many users prefer MetaMask, Trust Wallet and even C98 Wallet. It all depends on your goals. Maybe you need to withdraw and lock in your income right away.

It is worth noting the console mining programs: CGMiner, BFGMiner, Claymore’s Dual Miner, GMiner and others. With them, the user has to configure everything manually: the pool, the wallet, the algorithm (using a bat file). This is already a cryptocurrency mining without intermediaries.