A new bitcoin high and the collapse of LUNA 2.0. Main news of the week



New LUNA token has dropped 67% in value since launch on May 28

The value of the re-released coin dropped sharply on the first day after being distributed. The rate dropped from $18 to $6 in two days.

The volume of blocked Ethereum 2.0 coins exceeded 10% of the issue

Funds totaling more than $25.9 billion from 73,000 addresses are deposited pending the transition to the new protocol.


Bitcoin exchange rate exceeded $32 thousand for the first time since May 10

The value of the asset continues to recover after falling to $28k last week.


First robot to sell NFT released its own token collection

Tokens from the Baby Singularities collection are available on the OpenSea trading platform. Their holders will gain access to Sophia’s AI and meta-universe for artificial intelligence training.

U.S. scientists urged the government to stand up to the crypto lobby

Computer scientists and academics sent a joint letter to the government criticizing blockchain. The authors of the letter called the technology insecure.


U.S. authorities make first allegations of insider trading by NFT

Nathaniel Chastain used confidential information about NFT to speculate on tokens.


New York State Senate imposes moratorium on bitcoin mining

Newly passed state law prohibits new cryptocurrency mining ventures using non-renewable energy sources for two years.

U.S. regulator accuses Gemini cryptocurrency exchange of manipulating bitcoin price

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) said it received incorrect information about the value of the currency from the exchange. The platform provided false data when it was considering approving the first futures contracts.