AMD confirms Ryzen 7000 CPU running game at 5.5 GHz was not overclocked


For us to look forward, the 2022 gaming demo showing off its Zen 4 processor hitted 5.5 GHz and information on an upcoming IntelZen4 CPU has been revealed by AMD. According to the chip in question, it was said that the chip in question was not overclocked and running on a 280mm consumer liquid cooler, as well as an OverCLOCK.

AMD showed off the upcoming Zen 4 architecture in Computex this week. The Ryzen 7000 processor was shown in a series of demos that included the 16-core AMD Ryzen 7000 processor, whose 16 core is considered to be an prototype for The Ryzen 9 8950X and running Ghostwire Tokyo at up to 5.5 GHz.   A new version of the Ryzen 9 7960X, running in Japan at up to 5.5 GHz, used this process as well. At the time, during AMD’s demonstration, it did not reveal much details about the demonstration, but now we know more.

The AMD Director of Sales Robert Hallock said that the chip was cooled using an Asetek 280mm all-in one liquid cooler from ASTEK and sat in reference with the AMD motherboard.  By 2020 In 2019.  600 series mobos and new 600 series mobos will be compatible with AM4 coolers, but they will not be used in any case. The CPU was not overclocked during this test, it is running at its natural frequencies and most of the threads were in 5.5GHz.

Hallock reported that the processor was never under clocking, only working at its natural frequencies – it just worked on his own frequencies. Most of them were running around 5.5 GHz in the demo, and most of them ran at around 5.5 GHz in the demo.  In all this, it was still well above 5 GHZ. The overlay showed how the frequencies were bouncing from 5.3 to 5.5GHz, but in general everything is still below 5 GHZ. Hallock said that fluctuations were determined by the game load and scene, as well as games’ load and scene.

As we have noted at the time, CPUs sometimes have to drop them in speed even on an individual core. However, the chip still has much more than Zen 3 processors than Zen 3 chips. As such, Cinebench single-thread run may not hit 5.5GHz, but it still has much more than Zen 3 based Zen 3 processors. I thought that the chips are also much faster than a Zen 3 processor and an actual Zen 3-processor, but the chips are not so fast.

It is according to AMD’s plans that this platform will be launched byAMD in September and November, the Zen 4 Platform has been planned to be launched by AMD on September and November, as well as the Zen 4 platform will be launched on September and November. In such an event we can also see blisteringly fast consumer PCIe Gen 5 SSDs like these from Apacer.