Bitcoin Ended the Terrible Q2 on the Market Watch under $20K


In the previous day, Bitcoin had a rollercoaster, rising to little under $21,000. It nonetheless ended Q2 with a hefty loss.

Despite rising to a multi-day high of around $21,000, bitcoin promptly fell and ended the turbulent second quarter below $20,000. Similar volatility was experienced by the altcoins, although some of them, including BNB, MATIC, and The Sandbox, are currently doing rather well.

24 Hour Ride of Bitcoin
The main cryptocurrency reached a 10-day high during the last weekend, coming close to $22,000. However, the environment shifted just as the community was anticipating another leap to greater heights, and BTC gradually started to lose value.

As a result, it decreased to about $20,000, where it remained for a few days. However, it eventually lost that position and fell below $19,000.

Yesterday, the situation deteriorated further, as bitcoin fell to a new multi-week low of $18,500. The cryptocurrency, however, went on a run and rose by more than $2,000 in minutes, topping $21,000 as the terrible Q2 came to an end.

But it only lasted a short while, as BTC has subsequently fallen back below the desired $20,000 mark. As a result, its market worth is slightly around $375 billion, and it holds a 42.5 percent market share over the alternatives.
Significant Bitcoin News
El Salvador, the first country to allow bitcoin within its borders, bought the dip by acquiring an additional batch of 80 coins.

On-chain data shows that ordinary investors have also been purchasing BTC at the time, in addition to MicroStrategy and El Salvador.

Due to the approval of the Jacobi Asset Management proposal, Europe will have its first Bitcoin ETF in July.

The majority of cryptocurrencies had a similar level of volatility over the previous day, although overall sentiment is a little bit better than it was on Wednesday and Thursday.

After coming dangerously close to losing that level on multiple occasions recently, Ethereum has managed to stay above $1,000. The second-largest cryptocurrency is currently close to $1,100.
Similar advances are being made by LEO, Cardano, Ripple, and Polkadot. Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Tron, and Solana all saw greater gains.

However, BNB is the larger-cap alternative that performs the best. On a daily basis, the asset has increased by more than 7%, and it is now sitting far above $220.

The top-performing cryptocurrencies from the small and mid-cap categories include MATIC, Stellar, Algorand, and The Sandbox. SAND is trading at $1,15, up more than 16 percent in a single day.
The CEO of CoinFLEX reversed course and delayed the decision of the firm over whether to reinstate withdrawals as of June 30 to an unspecified future date.

According to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), 3AC overshot the AUM cap and supplied incorrect information.
According to rumors, FTX was close to purchasing BlockFi for $25 million, a figure that BlockFi’s CEO disputed.