Did the hacktivist collective Anonymous target Do Kwon of Terra? Or is it only an affinity scam?


A brand-new Anonymous film that criticizes the infamous Do Kwon has appeared. The Terra/UST/LUNA collapse is a gift that never ends because the narrative just won’t go away. Additionally, as is frequently the case with Terra-related matters, not everything is what it seems. Anonymous is a decentralized and open hacktivist collective that anybody can join. Having said that, the group might not be responsible for the Do Kwon video. This video could be a component of a marketing effort.
The Terra crisis may have served as the starting point for the bear market of 2022. Because of it, thousands of people from all over the world filed for bankruptcy, and Do Kwon’s actions at that time are, to put it mildly, questionable.

But upon closer inspection, the threats appear hollow. They’re only really going to look into Do Know’s background. This does not imply that the hackers won’t turn up anything, though. They might very well. “Do Kwon, if you’re listening, I’m sorry to say that there is nothing that can be done to undo the harm you’ve caused. The only thing we can do at this point is hold you accountable and ensure that you are prosecuted as quickly as possible, the video declares.

Is this a Do Kwon or AnonToken issue?
The feedback on YouTube is mostly favorable. An anonymous user states, “We need Anonymous for a better world. Another person said, “Very terrible to witness the man’s avarice; thank you Anonymous, the only one that remembers the retailers.” I hope Anonymous can support the cryptocurrency industry and instill new levels of dread in those who rapaciously plunder others. But something about the video’s information box seems off.
The headline, “Anonymous Steps into DeFi Ecosystem with AnonToken,” prominently advertises a cryptocurrency. In theory, anyone can join and participate in operations because the original hacktivist group is a decentralized organization. A token, on the other hand, is a business venture.

Any organization might have produced a film with an Anonymous look to capitalize on public disapproval of Do Kwon as a marketing strategy.
It is brilliant and terrifying to take advantage of Anonymous’ decentralized structure by developing a product that can convert the group’s reputation into bitcoins. The AHCC coin on the Binance Smart Chain may only be shady, but it has enormous potential as a scamming tool. We could be witnessing the creation of history if someone were to capitalize on the outrage Do Kwon, Anonymous, and the Terra narrative produce in order to sell a coin.