Elon Musk announced that SpaceX will accept payment in dogecoin


Dogecoin, a popular cryptocurrency token, will be accepted by SpaceX as payment without delay, wrote Elon Musk on Twitter, which caused a sharp increase in the price of the cryptocurrency, as other cryptocurrencies have fallen.

“Tesla products can be bought from Doge, but not before SpaceX products,” Musk wrote on Twitter.

Products on the website of SpaceX, including T-shirts “go to Mars” and a spacesuit, are still converted in dollars at noon on Saturday.

When asked by a Twitter user whether he can pay for the Starlink Internet subscription with currency on the subject of dog memes, Musk said, “Maybe one day.

According to spacetv.net, SpaceX’s “Mission DOGE-1 for a Month,” the first space mission to be fully funded by cryptocurrency, is scheduled for launch in December.

The Dogecoin added to the price on Friday evening after Musk’s early announcement, as other popular cryptocurrencies fell.

Dogecoin gained 4%, while Bitcoin fell 3% and Ethereum fell 8%, according to MarketWatch.

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