Ember Sword, the NFT-Driven MMORPG, is featured in the NFT Project Spotlight


The Ember Sword What is it?

MMORPG Ember Swords is hoped to be the first Web3 MMORPG.

The game was created by the company Bright Star Studios, it is a sandbox role-playing game that has been developed by the Danish company Bright Star Studios. It is an open-world sandbox role-playing game inspired by MMO giants like World of Warcraft and Runescape, as well as Guild Wars.

Ember Sword has an increased focus on accessibility, the main goal is to remove obstacles for new players and veterans of the game. As common in other role-playing games, there are no specific classes, as is common in other role-playing games. However, Ember Sword gives the players the opportunity to experience everything the game has to offer, such as leveling up skills, crafting, and combat, all through one character.

The Ember Sword is set in the Thanabus fantasy universe, which is characterized by the name of thanabus. It is composed of four different nations: Duskeron, Ediseau Sevrend and Solarwood. Nations are divided into three territories: Kingship, Outlaw, and Wilderness. Their unique game features include player-versus-player combat to epic open-world boss fights.

“Ember Sword” will also use blockchain technology in the development of Ember Swords to help community involvement and give users ownership of its own in-game items. The future Ember Sword land plots will be tokenized as NFTs on Immutable X, together with other cosmetic and vanity items that players can use to decorate their plots. In addition, they will include various accessories for character design and decorating plots in order to create characters or decorate plots.

In the past week, Crypto Briefing spoke about how Ember Sword plans to improve on existing MMORPGs, nurture the social aspect of role-playing games and use NFTs and blockchain technology to create an experience that will be better for the player. The conversation with Bright Star Studios founder and CEO Mark Laursen was held in front of Bright Star Studios headquarters by Bright Star Studios Founder and CEO Mark Laursen.

VFD NFTS in Ember Sword

Sword Ember Swords NFTs will take two main forms: land and cosmetology.

BRIGHT STAR sold 40,000 Ember-Sword land NFTs on the Ethereum scaling solution Polygon for $204 million last year. In five different types, the plots came in five different types: land and settlement, city, town and capital.

In addition, regular land plots give owners the Sir/Lady title and are set to contain features such as campsites, resource deposits or monster spawns that will be unveiled as the game world unfolds. They can also contain features such as campsites, NPC homes, resource deposits, and monster spawns that will be unveiled as the game world unfolds. But, settlements in the game, townships and villages will allow ownership to build structures that other people can use. The cities and towns will be able to support exchange, allowing players the chance to buy and sell NFTs and other in-game items.

In the event of trading on exchanges, a small fee will be split 50/50 between the landowner and Bright Star. The player can profit from his land plots passively by earning money from their land plots. All land plots, regardless of type, will receive a portion of the profit that is produced by the area around them. Laursen explained that half of what goes in goes out into the community, and this is part of the philosophy. He spoke about how the player-owned nature of towns and cities helps them become dynamic, ever-changing hubs instead of the static settlements found in other games.

Tokenized cosmetic items will be included in the Ember Sword. Although these NFTs won’t give the player any material advantage in games, but they can be used to change characters or land plots in the game. In Ember Sword, the plans for customization of items in Ember Sword are large-scale. The plan for cosmetic equipment customization is widespread — even details such as building textures and ambient sound for player-owned land will be represented by NFTs that players can collect and trade.

The most cosmetic NFT items will be released through in-game events and updates in batches. Most of the cosmetic NFT items will be released through in-game events and updates in batches. As such, players will set item prices organically rather than Bright Star dictating how much they can be valued. At the moment, those who want to purchase Ember Sword NFTs will also need to use an upcoming game’s newest EMBER token for purchase. The same is true for Yuga Labs recently launched ApeCoin as the exclusive cryptocurrency for its own Metaverse ecosystem.

However, Laursen said that NFTs in Ember Sword will not make the game “pay-to win.” “In the game, you can only buy power and energy — you can only buy beauty products and vanity, all this stuff,” he stated. Generic items such as in-game gold, and armor will not be NFTs, and the game will be structured so that any attempts to farm items for real-world currencies will not be worthwhile. The game will be organized so that any attempts to farm items from other players for real-world currencies will not be profitable. “If you are just farming gold and selling it, you do yourself a disservice. There is not really stuff that you need to buy”. Laursen said that it is the NFTs that you want, and you cannot bot farm those — you have to be good at the game and go out and play it.

Almost all Ember Sword NFTS are hosted on Polygon, they can be bought and sold in open-sea NFT trading venues like OpenSea. Instead of this, Bright Star plans to migrate Ember Sword’s land NFTs to Immutable X, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution that is capable of StarkWare’s ZK-Rollup technology.

It was necessary for Bright Star to use Immutable’s NFT tooling, as it helped smoothly streamline the process of creating in-game NFTs and deploying contracts on Layer 2 by simplifying the process. With this, NFTs stored on Ethereum layer 2 will be capable of connecting with Ember Sword. Then they can use Ember Swords to interact with Ember Sword and benefit from low transaction fees and near-instant transaction finality. In case of the game fully launching, all future land and cosmetology NFTs will be deploymentd with Immutable X. All future land and cosmetic NFTs are tradeable on Immutable’s NFT marketplace.