“Gen 0 Buddies” by Affyn reaches a high of more than 20X from the original listing


Within 100 seconds of its listing, the first NFT collection was sold out, and its value has since climbed more than 20 times.

Affyn, a play-and-earn gaming firm with offices in Singapore, has unveiled its first “Generation Zero Buddies” (or “Gen 0 Buddies” for short) NFT collection on Polygon. The first NFT collection was in tremendous demand, sold out within 100 seconds of being on sale, and has since appreciated in value more than 20 times.

The “Gen 0 Buddies” Floor for Affyn attained 2.98 ETH

The collection’s NFTs were previously offered for sale for roughly USD 150 (2,995 $FYN) each, but due to their scarcity, their prices have since skyrocketed.

The distinguishing “Gen 0” emblem on “Gen 0 Buddies indicates that they are 100% fictional collectibles. They will be used in Affyn’s NEXUS World metaverse and ultimately be interoperable between many metaverses and blockchain games.

Following this occasion, the Affyn team will begin a number of additional rounds of NEXUS World property sales. Information about these rounds will be made available to the public in the upcoming weeks.

Lucaz Lee, the founder and CEO of Affyn, said:

“Our multi-utility NFTs are designed to unlock new opportunities for users in the metaverse. Despite the market backdrop, our first NFT sale received an overwhelmingly positive response, and the latest floor price developments reflect this encouraging reality. We thank the community for their support and trust as we continue building a sustainable player economy with real-world utility that ultimately benefits the community.”

Affyn is a Singapore-based firm that creates smartphone games with built-in geolocation and augmented reality functionality utilizing blockchain technology. With a sustainable play-and-earn economy that allows prizes gained in the virtual world to also be put to use in the real world, Affyn is leading the gaming industry.