Revenue of bitcoin miners decreased by 22% in May


The total income of miners of the first cryptocurrencies amounted to $906 million. Compared with April, the figure decreased by almost 22%. This study is published in the analytical report ForkLogs.

This figure for Ethereum miners decreased by 18% to $1.44 billion.

Bitcoin mining performance in mid-May surpassed the all-time low and reached an all-time high of 31.25T. Then, following a falling hashrate, the figure dropped to 29.9 since July 2021.

Ethereum’s Ethereum hashrate has surpassed the 1,039 TH/s mark as of mid-May. Against the backdrop of Otherside meta-universe launches, the average transaction fee on the network of the second most capitalized cryptocurrency renewed its historical high at $200, reaching a historical low.

Foundry USA (20.9%) has the largest share of hash rate in mining pools, followed by F2Pool (14.3%), F2Pool (14.2%), F2Pool (14.1%) and AntPool (14.1%).