SAMSUNG Electronics will develop a brand new mobile processor for the flagship


Galaxy series of smartphones Samsung Electronics will develop a brand new mobile processor, that will be used only in the flagship galaxies. The Korea Economic Daily reported that the chip will be included in the final devices, as part of the final devices, and it is planned to come out in 2025. By 2023, it is expected to complete the design of the new chip. At the end of 2025, it is planned to install it in smartphones. In the case of the said processor, it will be an SoC, that is a “system on a chip”, capable of working with a mobile operating system. In the case of

Samsung, it is not known if Samsung buys processors from Qualcomm and MediaTek for its mobile devices. Along with this, it has its own line of Exynos processors, which is used in some models and model of its own smartphones. After this year, the company introduced the flagship 4-nm Exynos 2200 processor that is the basis of Galaxy S22 series devices. The processor Samsung will be used only in the flagship phones, as it is reported by the Korean edition. As noted by some sources of the Korean edition, the processor Samsung plans to use only in the flagship phones. The appearance of the series of Exynos chips after its release will be used only in devices with middle and lower segments. According to The Korea Economic Daily, the company may decide on creating an all-new processor for the flagship devices due to Exynos and its products. This is because of the shaken reputation of Exynos and devices based on them that have been insignificantly shaken by exynos and other devices based on them.  A class action lawsuit against Samsung was initiated by about 2,000 buyers of Galaxy S22 that decided to file an individual case against Samsung last month.

Users accused the maker of using Samsung Game Optimizing Service (GOS) to artificially reduce the performance of about 10,000 different apps, including games, which has been confirmed by tests. The fact that it is used in order to artificially reduce the performance of about 10,000 applications, including games, was confirmed by tests.  Galaxy Samsung countered that GOS is only used to effectively manage the device’s temperature and prevent overheating, as well as to achieve optimal gaming performance. Although they are not convinced, buyers decided to prove them in court. According to news source, “after the incident Samsung decided to begin creating an unexpected processor for flagship devices, that will be devoid of any shortcomings and help the company to strengthen its presence in mobile chipsets.  The share of Samsung processors in mobile devices was 6.6% in 2021, according to Strategy Analytics. In the first three places, Qualcomm, MediaTek and Apple were shared in the top three positions. They accounted for 37.7%, 26.3% and 26% of the market, respectively. It was in 2019, the share of mobile processors of South Korea’s giant on global market for 2019 exceeded 14 percent.

In the company’s goal to overtake Apple in building its own technological ecosystem, the development of a new flagship mobile processor is part of the company’s goal to catch up and overtake Apple in building its own technological ecosystem. Apple is leading in the amount of money it is making, but the Korean giant overtakes Apple in terms of shipments, and the Apple manufacturer is leading in the amount of money it is making.

Counterpoint Research reports that Samsung has owned 18.9 percent of the smartphone market last year. In turn, Apple in turn had a share of 17.2% on the market. Chinese companies Xiaomi (13.5%), Oppo (11.4%) and VIVO (9.9%) followed, after the Chinese company Xiaomi (13.5%), Oppo (11.4%) and Vivo (9,6%). Apple earned the most from sales of smartphones – $ 196 billion. Samsung, in fact, only selling Samsung products was $ 72 billion.