Samsung signs an agreement to create a Galaxy NFT ecosystem


Samsung Electronics, a manufacturer of Korean electronic products, has inked an agreement (MOU) with six businesses to work together to create the Galaxy NFT ecosystem.

Universe NFT Ecosystem

According to a source, Samsung Electronics, a South Korean electronics manufacturer, has inked an agreement (MOU) with six businesses to develop the so-called “Galaxy NFT [non-fungible token] ecosystem.” The agreement opens the door for Samsung Electronics to begin work on employing NFTs to link the virtual and physical worlds.

The six businesses that signed the MOU with the electronics behemoth are Alllink, Digital Plaza, e-cruise, Shilla Duty Free, Show Golf, and Theta Labs, according to a report on the Korean language news website News1.

Samsung Electronics’ NFT issuing partner is Theta Labs, and its authentication solution partner is Alllink.
After the electronic products manufacturer’s statement, an unnamed corporate representative made the following comments:

Samsung Electronics will continue to innovate the customer experience that connects the virtual world and the real world using NFT with various partners.

According to the News1 story, Samsung Electronics intends to offer discounts to owners or users of the New Galaxy NFT who successfully complete the NFT certification procedure. The study states that the remaining four businesses—Digital Plaza, e-cruise, Shilla Duty Free, and Show Golf—will carry out the anticipated NFT certification procedure.

According to the article, Samsung Electronics and Theta Labs had “presented the New Galaxy NFT in the shape of a smartphone and tablet design” prior to the signing of the most recent MOU.