“Space Tycoon” is released by Samsung. Using the Metaverse Platform Roblox


The introduction of Space Tycoon, a metaverse-based virtual playground geared for the Gen Z demographic, was revealed by Samsung in a press article.

The Roblox universe served as the foundation for the metaverse-based game experience.
Users will be able to share their product usage experiences with alien avatars in space as well as develop and play games in this virtual environment.

The gaming metaverse will present a setting where Samsung items may be created by picking out the essential parts. Additionally, users will be able to purchase in-game goods through a built-in shop.

Users may participate in the Space Tycoon experience by joining the space station, which will provide them resources to develop and manufacture Samsung items.
The Samsung team has carefully crafted this experience to appeal to the younger generation and provide them a chance to learn more about the company and the goods it sells.

Features Of Roblox’s Metaverse Platform Space Tycoon

Users who have previously used the metaverse platform Roblox now have a new location to hang out in called Space Tycoon, which is a virtual playground. Users of Space Tycoon will have the opportunity to interact with one another and share a variety of experiences.

A space station and a lab are included in the design of The Space Tycoon. In this world, extraterrestrial characters have access to the Lab Zone where they may perform research and combine various substances to create new products.

There are certain items that may be discovered in the Mining Zone. Among them are smartphones, TVs, watches, and a wide variety of other virtual products.

Jinsoo Kim, Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ Corporate Design Center, said:

We wanted to provide a unique opportunity for our Gen Z clients to interact with Samsung goods. We will keep showcasing material that may provide our present and potential consumers with more enjoyable and meaningful digital experiences.

Metaverse and Samsung

Through participation in several software interactions, Samsung has stepped into the metaverse environment. The majority of these encounters lean more toward entertainment and games. After partnering with several partners in the metaverse, Samsung has been trying to build initiatives in the area.

In collaboration with the well-known NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway, Samsung introduced an NFT platform. Samsung will be able to use Nifty Gateway’s platform to sell NFTs through Samsung smart TVs. Samsung has also committed money and time to areas where the goal is to advance platforms built on the metaverse.

Samsung took part in Doubleme’s Series A fundraising round in April of this year. Doubleme is a metaverse business with a basis in Korea. The business also opened a store in the well-known metaverse Decentraland in January.