The following crypto investor and influencer was arrested for visiting Terra Founder Do Kwon’s apartment


A streamer called “Chancers” who lost $ 2.4 million in the LUNA crash was identified as an unknown person visiting Terraform Labs’ founder Do Kwon.

In the investigation, the unknown person who was visiting Do Kwon’s home and founder of Terraform Labs has been identified and later arrested.

  • The BBC News report reports that an AfreecaTV streamer who goes by “Chancers” was the desperate man who knocked on the controversial executive’s home earlier this month.
  • In 2017, the social media personality made a large profit after entering the digital asset space.
  • Almost $800,000 was invested by Chancers in LUNA. During the latest crash, he lost around $ 2.4 million.
  • According to him, he was quoted saying:

In my mind, it felt like I was going to die. A lot of money was lost in a short period, I lost a lot. Approximately $2.4m (£1.9m) of my cryptocurrency was wiped out. I was in the top 1% for my finances here. In Korea, I was one of them. And thanks to the crash, I’m in trouble.

  • The South Korean law enforcement department was trying to identify the person who came into Kwon’s apartment and asked his wife about his location on Thursday, May 12.
  • According to the media, police were looking for the uninvited guest after Kwon’s wife urged for protective custody.
  • After the following day, Chancers was voluntarily surrendered to his superiors at the Seoul police station.
  • Kwon’s home was visited by the streamer, who revealed his visit to Kwon’s house and live-streamed the episode to nearly 100 people via the streaming platform.
  • In addition, the downfall of Terra LUNA is engraved like a pity for crypto investors, and this is one of many new examples people doing desperate things.
  • It became known that the founder, infamous for his self-assured behavior and brazenly rudeness, has been fined with multimillion dollar penalties.