Whales buy bitcoin, but cannot stop the decline


At the moment in the world, an international consortium of news organizations is organizing information and media organization for creating standards towards data on transparency. Whales are buying bitcoin, but they can’t stop the decline.

It is worth mentioning that many big investors are trying to buy bitcoin (BTC) on the downside, but the cryptocurrencies have no hurry to abandon its downtrend.

The Blockchain transparency has the potential to track all cryptocurrencies, as well as big investment companies and large-scale investing companies. In addition to large scale investment companies and big capital investors, such as the so-called whales. As part of the analysis, the BitInfoCharts statistics collected by BitInfoCharts are used to find out what happens to the balances of accounts with the most BTC and BTC accumulations.

An influx of stabelcoins to the exchange market was recorded by some researchers, and this may suggest that whales are preparing to buy the cryptocurrency.The Bitcoin Whale wallet has increased by 1,000 BTC since the beginning of this month, due to its growth.Based on the current exchange rate, he now has 128,800 bitcoins in his $3 billion account. At the current exchange rate, he now has 129 800 Bitcoins on his balance that are worth nearly $3 billion in terms of value.

The most powerful cryptocurrency holder is this whale. This whale will be the world’s biggest crypto-holder if we exclude Binance and Bitfinex cold wallets from the data.

On account of bitcoin’s decline in price, the wallet’s balance in dollar has decreased considerably. A significant decrease in the value of bitcoin, as well as its exchange rate in dollar fell by $ 1 billion and it was decreased more than 50%. In fact, however, this graph shows that BTC stock has grown constantly throughout all life of the wallet.

Other big investors are also purchasing bitcoins. According to Santiment, an information resource that provides data on the behavior of Bitcoin kits and sentiment on social networks, Bitcoin kits are defending the $22,000 level. According to Santiment, an analytics resource that gives data about Onchain behavior and Sentiment on Social Network, Bitcoin kits are defending the $22,000 level.

At 13,000, the volume of more than $100,000 transaction increased to 13 000. This is an all-time record since May 2021, indicating that bitcoin kits view $22,000 as key level for purchase.

Statistics from Onchain on the blockchain show what’s going on in the blockchain, but don’t help understand sentiment in the community. Data of Onchain Stats is not able to tell about the situation in The Community, as well As How It Works In Network. For filling this gap, Santiment also analyzes social media. The number of people interested in the opportunity to buy on downturns rose sharply this week. According to May, the number of requests for the keyword #buyingthedip (buying on recessions) exceeded April peak. An indirect sign that the market is headed for a correction, Santiment analysts consider this dynamic as an indirect sign of the direction of the market.

This is worth noting that such sentiments are good for growth in the short term. According to the experts, in the long-term horizon, high volatility is still present “in the long-term” “the short-term horizon.