Will the development of Bitcoin mining chips by Samsung enliven the cryptocurrency market?


The South Korean business will allegedly begin manufacturing Gate-All-Around-based chipsets this week as part of its foray into the 3-nanometer foundry processor market, Samsung New3sroom said on Thursday.

The electronics behemoth is working quickly to complete the development of chipsets that might help with Bitcoin mining. On the earnings conference for the first quarter of 2022, the business made a passing mention of the new project.
3-Nanometer Chips Can Reduce the Pain Points in Bitcoin Mining
The ability of Samsung to manufacture 3-nanometer CPUs might ease certain Bitcoin mining challenges.

The first-generation 3nm technology may reduce power consumption by up to 45 percent, increase performance by 23 percent, and reduce area size by 16 percent when compared to the 5nm process.
Only a little reduction in power consumption of around 50%, an improvement in performance of 30%, and a reduction in area of 35% are possible with the second-generation 3nm technology.

The most commercially effective method to date is a field-effect transistor called a fin-shaped field-effect transistor, or FinFET, which only utilizes three surfaces as opposed to four. According to reports, the company’s most recent upgrade allows for tighter gates and more precise current control.
According to reports, this week will mark the start of a trial for the largest firm in South Korea’s three nanometer (3nm) chips for application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), the most effective machinery for bitcoin mining.

The company’s manufacturing volume is still small and more of a test run than a regular production, according to sources.

According to reports, PanSemi, a Chinese ASIC manufacturer that creates ASICs used for bitcoin mining, is Samsung’s first client.

According to sources, Qualcomm, Samsung’s largest customer, has also placed reservations for the technology. The two firms agreed that Qualcomm might choose to participate at any point without being committed.
A Crucial Role For Chipsets In Bitcoin Mining
These chipsets are projected to be essential for Bitcoin mining, leading to fierce competition among top business players to develop cutting-edge technology.

The latest bitcoin mining chip that Intel has unveiled is called Blockscale. The processor can generate more energy and is more effective at SHA-256 hashing, according to Intel.

The South Korean business will compete with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), which also makes specialist chips, with its soon-to-be-released offering.
Samsung Newsroom cited Joe Sawicki, executive vice president of Siemens Digital Industries Software’s IC-EDA division, as saying:

“Siemens is pleased to have collaborated with Samsung to help ensure that our existing software platforms also work on Samsung’s new 3-nanometer process node since the initial development phase.”